4 Careers for the Mathematically Inclined

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We all want to see our children succeed, even in the face of COVID-19. There are, of course, workarounds to the difficulties faced during this pandemic: Online math tutors, Zoom classes, and home learning schemes have all kept our children learning and growing the critical skills learned in the classroom. Sometimes, children need a concrete goal in order to motivate them to stay focused during a time of high stress.

Students excelling in math, or those who have the abilities but not the drive, yet, might be curious about how those skills can translate as they continue to grow up. In truth, math is the cornerstone of many different professions, but is particularly important for some of the most fascinating jobs out there, including ones that create high net worth and massive job satisfaction at the same time.

Computer Science


Computer science seems like an obvious inclusion on this list, but computer scientists do more than code programs. High-level geometry, calculus, and programming combine to create the video games that your child plays. Computer scientists are responsible for the animation in television and blockbuster movies that play on your home screen, and even the creation and delivery of content on Netflix or Hulu. And for those who prefer shoot-em-up games to sports, computer scientists are also responsible for the development of our military’s most sophisticated equipment that protects the lives of the nation’s soldiers. Truly, the field is full of endless possibilities.


Mathematics is also essential for developing technologies in space. This is a physics-focused discipline, but that builds upon the fundamentals of both geometry and algebra in order to make sense of the world around us. Without dedicated math tutors schooling the nation’s children, we would not have the ability to send men and women to space or to build the commercial jets that take nearly three million travelers all over America every single day.



If you love math, you can consider the world of finance. Accredited investors handle the financial and savings needs of the entire country’s working population on a daily basis. Whether in a traditional bank or at a cutting edge investment firm, a strong mathematics base drives the financial markets forward, and behind it, teams of dedicated statisticians and analysts that work hard to return great profits for their clients and themselves. These businesses might be in the arena of venture capital or angel investing, which means your son or daughter will be involved in the day to day analysis of the future’s most valuable and interesting companies and products before they hit the mainstream market.

There’s also the field of accounting. Every business needs to balance its budgets and to do that it needs an army of financial analysts that can parse through orders, receipts, and expenses in order to make sense of an incredibly complicated financial tangle of information. Accountants are an essential and recession-proof field of financial analysis that is rooted in strong mathematics fundamentals.

Data Analysis

Finally, and somewhat less narrow, is the path of a data analyst. Analysts rooted in a statistical and pattern-based role are essential members of virtually all businesses. Financial and technical analysis of all types is required for the continued success of every business. A strong intellectual team of researchers that can leverage their quantitative knowledge base in order to solve problems and direct strategy is a highly prized asset. It doesn’t hurt that they get paid a lot of money for their expertise.

Math is the foundation of some of the most interesting and talent-driven careers out there, and this is only going to keep growing as high-tech jobs become more and more prevalent. Keep your kids focused on their analytical development and they will always have a great job to hang their hats on.

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