Fred Cary is Out to Find Opportunities

Fred Cary

Fred Cary has a long history of entrepreneurship and turning vision to reality – repeatedly.  An improbable journey through multiple verticals, from taco chips to computer chips,  musician to attorney and international investment banker with an MBA with High Honors. Fred has started and developed ten companies from idea stage, taking three of them public, having two more acquired by public companies.

His overarching ideology is to discover new opportunities that can help make a difference in people’s lives. Fred doesn’t always know where his instincts will take him. “There isn’t always a way to know where you’ll go when you begin your entrepreneurial journey,” he says, adding, “Over the course of your work, things slowly start to take shape and then you begin seeing the big picture.”

Fred focuses on a strong foundation for every business that he creates and runs. He always pushes his limits and challenges himself. “I want to be the best possible version of myself, and having a solid foundation is absolutely the key to that,” he remarks.

According to Fred, having a diverse experience in his professional life has been monumental to achieving the success he enjoys today. One of Cary’s former companies now earns $800 million per year, delivering services to 75% of the world’s TV households. Creating that, and every business, of course, has taken a lot of time, a lot of effort, and a positive mindset. He has repeatedly taken the time to learn from his mistakes and so-called “failures.” These efforts have helped him understand the mind of an entrepreneur on a deeper level and made him the ultimate motivator for aspiring business owners.

Fred is dedicated to giving back and sharing his success with others. He works with people from across the globe via Instagram, where he shares tips, advice, motivation, and more. And his upcoming book on entrepreneurship is sure to be a best seller.  One of Cary’s most important pieces of advice that he’s applied time and again is to find a hole in the market. “I find a demand and then I devise a way to fulfill it,” he shares. There are plenty of niches out there that are yet to be discovered. Finding a unique angle is a major stepping stone to creating a successful and profitable company.

“If you have an idea for a business, the first thing you need to do is find the holes. What is it that people want that they have no way of getting yet? How can you deliver it to them?” Cary poses a question. He advises that aspiring business owners stop searching for a “donut,” but rather for its hole; this is where the demand lies.

For Cary, it hasn’t always been easy. “Most of the companies that I started were quite difficult endeavors. It was a struggle, to be honest. I had to pretty much learn on the job, and I did. More often than not, this is what new entrepreneurs will have to come to terms with,” he explains.

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