Haryana’s Motivational Speaker Gourav Mittal Padla Made People Aware, Gave Positive Message

Gourav Mittal Padla

If you continue to get encouragement, a person will have the courage to move forward. By making this work their profession, people are becoming famous on social media today. But it is not a matter of everyone to get excited in someone. Gourav Mittal Padla is one such motivational speaker who is earning his name in this field. Gourav of Haryana not only limited his work but also took the responsibility of taking it to the villages. Gourav also works as a social worker.

Talking about his work, Gourav said that many people make beauty videos while some are reaching people through travel blogs. At the same time, people who like fitness videos are also not less. In all of these, people who create Motivational video content are still working. I have seen videos of Sandeep Maheshwari and he has been working in this field for many years. I want to do some work for the people of my community while working in this field.

Let us know that Gourav is increasing his work through digital media. Gourav believes that social media has given people a platform to move forward to connect with more and more people. Gourav also wishes to be famous through this platform.

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