Ray J Lakhani Is Going To Be The Biggest Influencer Of 2021

Ray J Lakhani

The artistic style of the great Pablo Picasso is once again amongst us, and the man responsible for this is Ray J Lakhani. Ray has indulged himself into the trendy world of fashion, with a sixth sense that only a few possess. He’s been able to manipulate a variety of clothing styles to form wardrobes which are garnishing copious amounts of attention.

Ray J Lakhani is an online marketing genius who openly claims his principal passion lies in art and fashion. Though Ray has invented a product that went viral worldwide, pioneered a podcast to become one of the largest in the southern United States, owns one of the largest marketing agencies in the world, and holds an executive title at an INC 5000 company, he states that nothing can replace his love for clothing and their latest trends.

Ray initially received a massive spike in fans during the first 4 months of his podcast, The Yacht Club Podcast. As his social media page began to grow – he decided to take a step back and focus on his family’s business as the pandemic hit. Ray and his family were able to 4X their company during the harshest period of the COVID outbreak, and successfully create hundreds of jobs in Houston, Texas.

As a fashion icon who has started making waves in the industry, Ray has been gaining more recognition from designers around the world. Ray recently re-entered the world of social media after Yahoo! News did a Press Release on him, and his fanbase started to flock back to him, admiring Ray for all the things he’s been able to accomplish in such a short period of time.

Ray currently has no agency backing him in the fashion world, and has stated he doesn’t intend to, unless a proposal is given to him in which he just cannot refuse.

We had a chance to briefly speak to Ray over a Zoom call, but he requested no questions, and only a conversation with us. From this simple conversation we observed his impressive ability at speaking, and pure passion for anything he puts his mind to. Ray isn’t the type of guy who puts all his eggs into a single basket, nor does he play favoritism with any of his projects. Ray gives every project and business the love it needs to grow and bloom. New ideas spark his interest the most, and he loves the creative branding aspect of any business he can put his hands on. With a massive online marketing firm, it’s clear to us that Ray knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to branding, and social media.

Ray made it clear to us that he struggles with putting his love for art and fashion at the forefront of his life at this very moment. The time and energy that is required from Ray to successfully launch a campaign solely dedicated in the fashion industry is one of the more complex ones to break into, and with the multiple projects on his plate currently, he states that he’s waiting for the right moment where all the companies he has his hands in are fully operational without needing any of his assistance.

Luckily for Ray. with his social media presence gaining attention, and the acknowledgement some of the recognized designers have been giving him, he might just break through into the fashion scene without having to launch a dedicated campaign.

There isn’t a doubt in our mind that Ray is going to be the biggest influencer in 2021. Multiple media outlets are already crowning him with this title, and we’re just itching to see more of him in the coming months.

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