Marco Valentinsig – Digital Marketer launches ‘Beliked’


When was the last time you answered the doorbell and found a marketing executive trying to sell a product? Can’t remember right! However, this was common practice till the early 2000s in the last decade before the Internet took over the world. Digital marketing expert Marco Valentinsig recently stated, “Digital has redefined the entire purchasing experience. Consumers world over have accepted digital solutions in a swift manner.”

Marco is the founder and the current chief executive of ‘BeLiked’, a new advertising firm based in northern Italy. Services at Beliked include complete and comprehensive digital solutions across platforms. The executives at Beliked develop strategies and oversee the content creation for promotional campaigns across all sections of media and even popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Houzz, etc.

Marco went on to share, “While door to door marketing has almost ended in metropolitan and small cities across the world, Telemarketing and retail have been largely impacted as well.

Digital marketing has seen major organizations revisit their strategies and hit the drawing board to chalk out solutions which now reach the end-user directly. After the outbreak of the pandemic, even the consumers reluctant to migrate away from traditional means of purchases transitioned to digital means at an unprecedented rate

This is the biggest advantage of digital product placement. We can target the audiences specifically and reach out to them on their personal handheld devices or computers rather than relying on Newspapers, Magazines, Radio & Television.”

Through Beliked and its services, Marco provides each of his clients with a robust technical solution spearheaded by genius minds who weave their magic with tailor-made solutions that fit the requirements every time. Inturn providing swift and tangible solutions without eliminating the human touch from the marketing processes.

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