Patokh Chodiev: important facts about the activities of the billionaire

Patokh Chodiev: important facts about the activities of the billionaire
Patokh Chodiev

Patokh Chodiev is known to the world as a successful businessman and one of the wealthiest residents of Kazakhstan. Chodiev is also known as a person with a good heart, since for the past 25 years he has been focused not only on his own business projects but also on charity work. He even launched his own fund, the International Chodiev Foundation, to be able to help his homeland and beyond. Important facts about the activities of the billionaire Fattah Chodiev are in the material.

Chodievnotes three points in his life that significantly influenced his life. Let’s consider them in detail.

The first point: Moscow State Institute of International Relations – the stage of personality formation

Even at school, Fattah Shodiev’s classmates knew that his path would be closely connected with Japan. The boy often buzzed about the country of dreams, which he plans to visit when he graduates. In order to realize his plans, Fattah Chodiev decided to enter the International Law Faculty at MGIMO. He was interested in the fact that they study Japanese in-depth. When he entered there, he could not even imagine how important this stage in life would become to him.

“I learned everything here, read piles of books. MGIMO gave me the ability to apply knowledge, make friends and love. These were the best years of my life,” said a Kazakh businessman.

Patokh Chodiev is considered one of the most famous people who graduated from this university. He is also one of those who helps MGIMO and has involved other graduates in this. A Kazakh businessman is the main shareholder of Eurasian Bank, one of the main shareholders of Eurasian Resources Group, the founder of the Chodiev Foundation. The main objectives of the Patokh Chodiev Foundation are the promotion of academic achievements, creativity, and innovations in Eastern Europe, as well as Central and Southeast Asia.

The second point: a love for the dreamland through the years – Japan

We are moving smoothly to Japan, which since childhood has fascinated Patokh Chodiev. He raved about this country when he was a kid and a young man, and after graduation, he was still able to move there for many years to come. After he did that, Chodievworked in Japan as a specialist in Soviet-Japanese relations.

“Japan has opened new facets in me. I understood how I need to build my life further and how to conduct business projects in the best way possible. MGIMO and Japan played a very important role in my life, I will be grateful to these two places all my life,” said the billionaire Fattah Shodiev.

The businessman not only keeps huge gratitude to MGIMO and Japan but also proves his warm feelings with actions. For many years he is one of the sponsors of the Moscow Institute. As for Japan, one of the eloquent deeds is to save the cultural heritage from the sale. Chodievsaved a rare collection of kimonos at a cost of $3 million.

Third point: Eurasian National Resources – the largest project

25 years ago Pattokh Chodiev became the main shareholder of ERG. Investing in the Eurasian Group was one of the best decisions. The promising field of extraction and processing of natural resources instantly bore fruit. Now the group of companies is represented in fifteen countries of the world, and on four continents it is in the first position in the ranking of the largest employers in the industry. The companies located in the Republic of Kazakhstan are already 25 years old, and the head office in Luxembourg is five.

“We are proud that the Eurasian Group is the only and unique producer of high-grade aluminum in the Republic of Kazakhstan. And this is only one percent of the group’s achievements. ERG has big plans for the near future that will surprise the whole world,” added Kazakhstani billionaire Fattah Shodiev

The main shareholder of ERG never hid that his path to a prosperous life was not so simple, but he likes to remember every decision he made, even if it was wrong. Everything that he experienced helped him become one of the most influential businessmen in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Japan, and other countries.

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