5 Things Every Law Student Should Have Before Their First Semester of Law School


Individuals who are interested in becoming lawyers or judges must have a law degree. A law degree may also be an asset for those interested in a career as a mediator, conciliator or arbitrator.

You must complete three years of law school in order to earn your law degree. There are some essential items every law school student must have before they begin their studies, including the items discussed here.

1. Strong Academic Standing

Law school applicants must have a bachelor’s degree. Your grade point average (GPA) will be one of the critical things considered when your application to law school is reviewed. Those who know they want to study law may opt to focus on criminal justice, political science, history, or philosophy. These subjects will help prepare you for studying for your law degree, but individuals with a bachelor’s degree in any subject area will be considered.

You will need to take and pass your Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Individuals with a higher LSAT score may be favored by admissions review boards. Law school applicants must also provide letters of recommendation. You should seek recommendation letters from your professors and former employers.

2. Reliable Technology


NewEgg offers a selection of notebook computers you can choose from to meet your academic needs. You can choose from a range of brands, including Asus, Microsoft, and Lenovo. They sell both new and refurbished laptops, which ensures you can afford a quality laptop that will serve your needs. You will need a laptop to draft assignments, access research information, and submit assignments online. Factors you will want to consider include processor speed, hard drive size, and the screen size.

Some laptops are convertible and allow you to use them as a tablet or computer. These models feature touchscreens. You should consider which style best suits your personal preferences. You may be able to access and review data faster on a tablet when you are reading text. A smartphone can be used to store your class schedule. You can also store assignment information and deadlines. You can use the calendar feature to set reminders for due dates and upcoming exam dates.

3. A Professional Wardrobe


Individuals who work in the legal field must dress professionally. During your studies, you may be required to attend court proceedings to observe. You will need suitable attire to present yourself as an aspiring legal professional. Invest in dress jackets, dress pants, petite cocktail dresses, and blouses to ensure you have a suitable wardrobe. You should also supplement your wardrobe with a briefcase suitable for use in a courtroom.

You should also invest in quality footwear. Lawyers must often stand for prolonged periods of time when presenting a case, so you will need shoes that are comfortable and durable. You can build an appropriate wardrobe during law school to ensure you are ready to apply for internships and have suitable attire for entering the legal field.

4. Great Study Skills


Law school students must spend a lot of time studying and reviewing case law. In order to be successful in law school, it is important to be able to read material quickly. You can use specific tips to increase your reading speed and improve your comprehension to prepare you for the volume of material you will need to read and process during law school.

You will also need great discipline to schedule sufficient study time and complete assignments on schedule. Make sure you are prepared to cancel personal plans as needed to ensure you review all material assigned and are ready for exams. You will be required to process a significant volume of case law during your studies, which means if you fall behind it can be hard to catch up.

5. Writing Skills and Aides


Lawyers must have strong writing skills. Their duties include preparing legal filings and presenting legal arguments in writing. Law school students must demonstrate the ability to prepare clear, coherent legal arguments during the course of their studies.

You will also be required to attend multiple classes and take notes. Focus on developing your note-taking and organizational skills before starting law school. This will ensure you are able to document all of the information you need during your classes and keep relevant information together in your notes.

There are commercial study aides available for law school students that can help simplify the studying process. These include Gilbert Law Summaries and Law in a Flash flashcards.

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