Reasons Not to Procrastinate in College


Have you ever put off doing a difficult or unpleasant task? You probably have done it. Everybody has procrastinated at least once. It is common to say “I will do it tomorrow,” even though we could do it right now. However, this practice may not be the best at college.

Procrastinating affects directly your productivity. Eventually, you will have to pay a price for procrastination. For example, if you must write an essay, the best you can do is start working on it as soon as possible. Do not delay it. If you start writing a day before the deadline, the result will not be good.

In such a situation, the only thing you can do is pay professional essay writers for its assistance. This online company can write a custom essay for you, even when the deadline is very close. But then again, it will cost you some money. You will pay the price of your procrastination. Why should you end up spending your money on such a service when you can write your essay yourself?

Hence, any task you have to do in college, you better do it at once. Whether you have to write a paper or study for an upcoming exam, do not procrastinate. You can postpone some activities with your friends like going out to have some drinks. But never postpone or delay your academic obligations.

Why Not to Procrastinate In College

There are good reasons to avoid procrastinating in college. Some of them are the following:

  • You can miss a deadline. Most college professors set hard deadlines for the submission of assignments. It is understood that college students are not kids anymore. Hence, college professors very rarely grant a deadline extension. Just in very special cases, a student can submit an assignment after the deadline without having a grade penalty. If you procrastinate, you may end up missing a submission deadline. Why should you take any chances? College professors know that they are dealing with young adults that already are responsible for their acts. So, unless you have a valid excuse, your grade will suffer because of a late submission;
  • You need time to shape your ideas. Writing a good essay, for example, takes much more time than just typing text on the computer. First, you need time to think about the topic and research it thoroughly. Only then, you can start creating your ideas, which you will refine over some days of reflecting. Typing the text of an essay may take a few hours. However, preparing the content, especially good content, takes several days of hard intellectual work. If you are given ten days to complete your essay, start working on it on the same day. Use all the time that you are given to create the content of your essay before you start writing. A last-minute essay will not get a good grade in most cases;
  • The task may be more difficult than it seems. This happens very often. Students assess incorrectly the difficulty of an assignment. So, they delay it, thinking that the task can be completed within a short time at a later stage. Do not make this mistake. You better start doing the assignment as soon as possible. If the task is easy, then you will have plenty of free time after completing it. However, if it is more difficult than expected, you will have enough time to work on it without missing the deadline;
  • The task may not be so difficult. This is the opposite of the previous point. Many students procrastinate because of the perceived difficulty of a task. In reality, it may not be so difficult and there is no reason to delay it. For example, if you are given a set of 20 problems for the next ten days, you can solve a couple of them daily. However, if you procrastinate, a relatively easy task may become quite difficult. Imagine solving those 20 problems for tomorrow! Yes, the task may not be so difficult, but your procrastination can turn it into something impossible to do;
  • You never know what may come up. This is a very strong reason to avoid procrastinating. You cannot predict the future, and you never know what may come up during the timeframe allocated for an assignment. What if you catch a cold and have to stay in bed for a couple of days? Well, right, you may get an extension in the case of a health problem. But what if you get another difficult assignment from a different professor? Avoiding procrastination will prevent a situation in which you have to do many urgent things at the same time;
  • Your performance is not optimal under pressure. If you delay an assignment until the very last minute, you will have to work under a lot of pressure. Sleepless nights and stress will lower your work performance to the minimum. The result is that you will not complete the task unless you get help from someone else.

Thus, avoid procrastinating. The difficulty of an assignment will not change if you delay it.

This article was written by Lauren Bradshaw, a senior content writer at Custom Writings who also provides college essay writing service. She often writes articles aimed at helping students to improve their academic performance. Her informal but informative style attracts the attention of many young audiences.

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