Meet Matthew J Phillips, the Founder of an Educational Company Helping Struggling Coaches, Consultants and Mentors Across the World


Meet Matthew J Phillips an entrepreneur from South Wales, Cardiff in the UK. He’s the creator of The Organic Clients Program and the founder of an educational company serving struggling coaches, consultants and mentors around the world.

Matthew’s company helps with what he likes to call the three pillars. Mouth-watering offer creation, organic lead generation and closing over the phone. His company provides every student with the help they need 1 on 1 and prides itself on being the one-stop-shop with the finest success stories in the game. If you need more leads and don’t want to spend money on advertisements or time playing about with webinars and funnels, they have you covered! If you’re stuttering and stumbling over your words when you get on the phone and can’t seem to ever close clients – especially at the price point you desire, they have you covered!

One example is Adam Smith from the US, a copywriting coach looking for a way to close more clients without the need of paid ads. Organically. After Matthew’s help, he made a $7,000 profit in 5 days with his coaching business.  This is what Adam had to say: “$7,000 in 5 days! We made $7,000 in 5 days it was insane! It was all thanks to Matthew’s help. If you’re still accepting people to work with you, people are out of their minds if they are not doing this.”

Thank you, Matthew, for the lives you’re changing and we look forward to continuing to watch your growth and your student’s success!

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