Ameeta Lohia speaks about her third eye power, reveals how a person can identify about it

Ameeta Lohia

The living beings are blessed with two eyes. We have known this for the longest time. However, that is incorrect. We, humans, have actually three eyes. The two eyes which we have are for the vision and sight, whereas, the third eye is perhaps the most powerful source of knowledge we possess. The third eye chakra is present in every human being but is invisible. Very few people identify their third eye power and bring a wave of positive change around. Ameeta Lohia is one such name who possesses the third eye power and considers it a blessing.

Mrs. Lohia who discovered the special powers in her body 15 years ago also holds expertise in astrology, soul connection, spiritual healing and cosmic connection. With her intuition power, she has been a saviour to many people. Her only motto is to spread happiness and heal people without any medicine. Explaining how a person can identify if his or her third eye is opened Ameta Lohia said that there are multiple signs to identify it. Besides the pressure between the eyebrows and the change in thought patterns, she said, “Ever got a feeling to look behind, and when you see, you find your close friend shopping in the same superstore? Well, that’s the sign that your third eye chakra is getting awakened.”

Sharing her views on her third eye power, the 55-year old astrologer stated that she is blessed to have this power. By helping herself, she has helped to heal many people by letting them know about things before happening. Calling this as magic, Ameeta has brought a tide of change and she continues to do the same. When asked what has been the biggest achievement of her third eye power, she revealed that she let the mute boy talk with her powerful healing. “Miracles do happen. Believe in your energy, inner potential and most importantly the intuition power”, she added.

Apart from this, Ameeta Lohia even revealed that all of us have the third eye power regardless of gender or religion. She feels that the only problem is that the modern-day people do not believe in such powers due to which the third eye chakra remains unactivated in a person’s body. “Even I realized late that I had this special power. But ever since I discovered about it, I have eliminated negativity and evil from people’s lives”, she quoted. Furthermore, she even emphasized that meditation is the key a person can unlock to test his or her true potential.

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