Director Vedd Rawtaani Talks About Starting Out Young


It is often said that our future lies in our own hands. The choices we make determine where life will take us. Rather than surrendering to circumstances, some choose to follow their dreams and aspirations. It is this burning desire that sets them apart from the rest. Vedd V. Rawtaani is a prime example of how a childhood dream, coupled with dedication and hard work, can lead to success. His single-minded focus and tenacity helped him turn his dreams into reality.

Vedd’s passion was to grow up and become one of the greatest storytellers in the world. He had this dream at the young age of 13 and decided to work towards achieving it. While he continued to tinker, experiment and hone his skills, he released his first web series, titled “Pyaar on the Rocks” at the young age of 21. After garnering more than 5 million views online, Vedd knew he had found his calling. Reminiscing on his journey, he added, “Time does fly. I feel as though I was a teenager just yesterday. I knew what I wanted to do, so I put my head down and I worked at it. Slowly it all came together and I couldn’t be happier!”

Today, Vedd’s talent and passion have molded him into a renowned director, writer, and editor. He has worked on more than 25 digital advertisements and TV Commercials. His repertoire includes the crème de la crème of the film fraternity. From working with industry stalwarts like Raza Murad to editing the “voice of the streets” segment of Gully Boy, the ambitious editor has gradually found fame.

Once had worked on a plethora of different projects, he wanted to return to his roots and focus on creating stellar content by sharing powerful stories that would leave an everlasting impression in the minds of his audience. The logical choice was to focus on direction and screenplay writing since they formed the foundation of conveying a great story. Vedd added, “I want to create stories that people could talk about for years to come, something unique that they would always remember. Every project is a new experience, and I will continue to do my best and create truly meaningful content.”

During his journey, Vedd has gained a significant amount of recognition and appreciation for his work. He won an award for his film “Two-Faced”, which he directed at the age of 16, and a Foxglove certificate of appreciation for an advertisement which he directed. Having studied at Whistling Woods, he drew inspiration from some of the greatest minds in the industry and allowed the experience to fuel his creativity.

Vedd Rawtaani’s greatest joy is that he was able to turn his passion into his profession. Despite being extremely talented, he continues to learn, imbibe and evolve as a director, writer, and adept storyteller, while living his childhood dream to the fullest.

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