Chippewa Park Plans for 2021 Centennial

Efforts are underway to make sure the Carousel at Chippewa Park can remain in place making great memories
Efforts are underway to make sure the Carousel at Chippewa Park can remain in place making great memories

THUNDER BAY – On July 15, 1921, the Mayor of Fort William officially opened Chippewa Park. Although pretty much everyone is worried about when parks in Thunder Bay will open this year, The Friends of Chippewa Park are already planning for special activities for 2021 – the 100th anniversary of the official opening of Chippewa Park. Coincidentally, 2021 will be the 20th anniversary of the founding of The Friends of Chippewa Park and it will be the year where the restoration of our 105-year-old C.W. Parker Carousel will be completed and if all goes well the building to protect it built and open.

While planning is still in the infant stage our 100th Anniversary Committee has identified three significant events so far; a June dedication of the restored Carousel and officially opening of the building to protect it; a commemorative event on July 15, the original date of the official opening and a 5-day long family festival running from Thursday, July 29 to Monday, August 2. 2021.

We want to encourage those families and organizations whose summer focus has been on Chippewa Park to arrange for your own special celebration in 2021, be it a family reunion or a major company, union or church picnic. Those events can be during the family festival or at any time during the summer.

Please mark those dates in your calendar and plan to be at Chippewa Park on those dates.

We are also inviting those with a history at the park, be it a camper, worker or just a regular user to register with us so that we can make sure you are kept up to date with our plans. Please send us an email to Also, if you have any ideas as to what events we should plan please use that email to let us know.

Finally, in order to help us get the word about the 100th Anniversary share this post into the screens of as many people as possible.

See you in 2021

Cathy Sawicki Linda Lafontaine
Co-Chair Co-Chair
100th Anniversary Planning Committee 100th Anniversary Planning Committee

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