How David Phan Harnesses The Power Of Digital Marketing To Empower Businesses


As a highly-successful entrepreneur, David Phan has envisioned over-and-over how his friends’ businesses reached heights in a short period with overflowing ideas and marketing techniques. This knowledge inspired David Phan to engage upcoming and promising businesses on the most proficient methods to acquire, close, and retain amazing clients, so it can eventually experience the worth it deserves. David decided he wanted to help others to succeed when he started his passion project with his friends. At the age of 20, he launched a performance and lifestyle brand @lanofie with a motive to inspire others to be limitless.

From an early age, Phan was obsessed with seeing his business and those of his friends grow. He began his career as an entrepreneur with Phaners, a digital marketing agency and the passion for seeing it grow became the driving factor for its success. While he took lessons from Youtube and books to boost the sales of online businesses, he got to know about the impact digital marketing and advertising techniques have in virtually enhancing any business outcomes.

This obsession for growth has resulted in some of the best works in the digital marketing field. Phaners, in two years of its inception, managed to create a robust online presence for numerous brands enticing the investors into the business and brands, that want to get associated with the agency.

David also engaged himself in the realm of Digital Marketing, unwinding one segment at a time, learning everything he could about this powerful marketing platform to reach audience worldwide. He has made use of novel marketing campaigns to assist various local businesses to succeed and later the unmatched customer satisfaction led to expanding his boundaries to online coaching. The David Phan digital marketing program is today, helpful to several budding businesses and entrepreneurs to lead their respective markets. Familiar as ‘The 6-figure marketing agency Guy’, David has already provided and instructed more than 1,500 business people on the most proficient methods to turbo-charge the earning potential with the help of David Phan Digital Marketing Program.

Being an entrepreneur

David never had a vision of becoming an entrepreneur. What started as a passion project turned out to be an obsession later on. It has been all been trial and error and going through speed bumps and riding the roller coaster of life in business for him. His success did not come overnight as he encountered a range of pitfalls when trying to establish his business empire.

David believes he is fortunate enough to secure such a position for himself at this point, but he never is in a constant state of comparison. He believes that each of us has a different motive for life and the efforts one goes through to achieve that goal. He just focusses on his core skills and keeps on executing them without fail. The consistency and hard work have brought him to where he is now, he explains.

Favorite digital medium for promoting marketing campaigns in 2020

YouTube advertising, he says, adding “100 percent without a shadow of a doubt”. From tutoring him the entrepreneurial skills back then, YouTube has always proved to be an engaging platform where you can have your audience watch hours of content. The chances of the user clicking on your link after watching the video are high as compared to Facebook or Instagram. In the latter’s case, people are always scrolling so they may miss your ad, or just scroll off them. Though the profits on YouTube are high, people are still unaware of the solutions to enhance brand awareness. So if you can attract them with your video at the right time, your buyer intent automatically increases, and your audience aligns with your process, David explains.

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