Prime Minister Trudeau – Canada Pledges $1 Billion For COViD-19 Response


OTTAWA – At a media conference in Ottawa this morning, Prime Minister Trudeau has pledged that Canada will spend $1billion in response to COVID-19 and the impacts on Canada.

Prime Minister Trudeau says, “The reality is that the number of people affected by the virus keeps climbing. Canada has been fortunate so far… but I know that people across the country are worried. We have a responsibility to make sure that Canada is ready for all scenarios and we take that responsibility extremely seriously.”

      • Support for provinces and territories: $500 million
      • Investing in research: $275 million
      • Immediate and additional public health response, including funding for Indigenous Services Canada: $150 million
      • Sustained communications and public education: $50 million
      • Personal protective equipment: $50 million
      • International assistance: $50 million
      • A work-sharing program: $12 million
      • Repatriation of Canadians: $7 million
      • Employment Insurance sickness benefits: $5 million: and
      • Initial support to the World Health Organization: $2 million