Where am I able to Sell My Old Car?

Vintage car

1- Park it

Great news, old-school ways for trading an old vehicle still operate. Parking your vehicle on a high-volume street may be a good way to make sure people see it. Some states, however, don’t allow it – which may end in a fine, also as having it towed. make certain to see the laws on advertising a car purchasable in your area when parking it.

It’s as simple as cleaning it inside and out, and slapping on a for-sale sign showing the year, make, model, and selling price, also as an honest contact number. make certain to keep- it locked, the last item you would like is to have it stolen.

Used Car Dealers in Calgary, AB report many customers calling them to sell their cars.

2- Newspaper

If you’re asking yourself: “Where am I able to market my adored junk vehicle?” you could possibly consider the local newspaper. While fewer people read them than they used to, it’s still an honest place to list an old car for sale. You always have a word limit, so it’s crucial to use your words wisely. Be as descriptive as you’ll about the condition, the good, and therefore the bad. you simply get one image, so confirm it shows your car clearly. we propose using a shot from the front, showing the driver’s side.

3- Craigslist

Craigslist gets a readership of about 50-billion page-views monthly, making it an incredible place to list an old car for sale. While posting a vehicle used to be free, as of April 15th, 2019, there’s a $5 fee, which we feel is quite fair. Make certain to supply the maximum amount of information as possible about your vehicle. Including the condition, its history, and any add-ons.

One of the simplest ways to make sure you discover some traction is to incorporate several clear photos. How many? Ten should roll in the hay. Consider taking one among all sides, also because of the front and back. For the inside, you ought to include one from each door, also because of the dash and cargo areas.

Remember that protecting yourself should be your top priority. If you propose to satisfy anyone eager to look, make certain to try to so during the day. you ought to also let someone know – or bring them along. If you are planning to allow someone to test-drive it, we propose getting a copy of their driver’s license and insurance first.

4- Scrap it/Junk it

The solution is yes. the good thing is that older cars tend to possess more metal on them than newer ones. Why does this matter? Because when selling an old car to a scrapyard or junkyard, the weight matters. Why? Because quite likely, they’ll melt it down for re-cycling. For this reason, make certain keep an eye fixed on the present price of metal to undertake and time it during a high-point.

You can also scrap an old car yourself. While this will take a touch of your time and energy, it’s an excellent thanks to squeezing all dollars out of an old vehicle. Consider things like exhaust systems, stereo systems, wheels, all of which can fetch a good amount when sold separately. you would possibly be asking yourself: “Where am I able to sell my old car parts?” Thankfully, Craigslist may be an excellent spot to plug old parts for sale. Make certain to incorporate photos and mention the year, make, and model of your vehicle.

5- Dealer

While most folks might consider a dealer first, the reality is that if your car is quite 10-years old, they likely won’t want it. Why? Because when they’re beyond a decade old, the banks are reluctant to offer loans for them. Another thing is that dealers rarely can sell aftermarket service contracts on them, which limits their margins. When trying to sell an old car for cash, you would possibly want to think about options aside from a dealer.


If browsing the effort of parking a car for sale, listing it within the newspaper or on craigslist, scrapping it, or getting told no by a dealer seems like an excessive amount of work. you’ll always get an instant quote online from CashCarsBuyers and finalize the sale in about 24-hours.

Here’s how it works:

Visit our site here and choose “Get Instant Offer.”

Register some primary info to serve us to identify your motor vehicle.

In about 1-minute, you’ll receive an estimate on its value.

Once you accept the offer, our team will schedule a fast at-home inspection.

If everything matches, we’ll pay your cash on the spot and tow it away for FREE!

Now that you simply have a far better idea of who buys old cars. Let’s check out whether donating an old car may be a good option.



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