5 Reasons Water Filtration Can Safeguard Your Family

Drinking Water Report Released

We can’t live without water. But drinking water needs to come from a sound source. And these sources are most of the time mineral water bottles. They make up for a significant portion of our pays as we purchase them daily or monthly. And tap water cannot be trusted as it doesn’t have a seal on it saying that it’s healthy to drink. But neither is bottled water. That is because the water touches the plastic for too long and there are several chemicals included in them that can cause dangerous side effects. So this brings us to the only option of using filters. Are they safe? What are their advantages as opposed to the above-stated methods? Let’s read below.

Less Chlorine

Your tap water, as well as the water used to fill your swimming pool, has one thing in common, chlorine. It is an element that aids in killing harmful bacteria but can be detrimental to the body too. It can cause conditions like urinary tract infections. As you know that the pool water is unsafe for drinking but so is the tap water if not filtered first. For this reason, installing a filter for your tap water will be advantageous for you to have a healthy drink.

Low Risk of Disease

You never know where the water from the tap is coming from and if it’s safe for you to drink or not. You can expect it has a reliable source coming in your home but in the less privileged areas, the water can’t be trusted. It can be contaminated to give birth to several diseases and viruses. Again for which a filter system is necessary to keep yourself safe from any harmful situation. When choosing a filter for your tap, make sure to go for the quality. There is a list on Penny Geeks for such reliable water softeners.

Chances of Abnormality at Birth

Birth abnormality is high these days. Many factors make for it and one of them could be the use of tap water. It’s true, doctors have ruled out that pregnant women could harm themselves and their unborn babies by swallowing unfiltered tap water. When a woman becomes pregnant, she’s vulnerable to many inconsistencies and must take care of her health above anything else to safeguard her child.  A safer pregnancy and a reliable delivery are possible with the use of a water filter in the home.

No Gastric Problems

Water is essential when consuming a meal. It should be taken in the middle of a meal to ensure that the food goes down your system safely. However, if this water has signs of harmful chemicals and lead, it could be the one to cause gastric problems and not the food.

Impact on the Environment

Let’s say that you use the daily bottle delivery system and get drinking water from it, imagine how much plastic waste you will accumulate for the earth. You can be responsible about your plastic purchases and make the planet a better place to live and breathe by using tap water through a filter, which will also cost way lesser than spending on water bottles for the whole family.

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