Office Move or Renovation – Which is Better?

Modern office with minimalist furniture - 3d rendering

Taking care of your business office can be exceedingly difficult – business offices not only need to be in an attractive position easily accessible by both employees and clients, but they also need to be large enough to accommodate everyone. Balancing all of these things is difficult and expensive. So, when finally your office starts to give out on multiple fronts, many people think about moving out and finding a new office. This article will help you decide which one is better for you:

Can The Problem be Fixed through Renovation

The first step you should take before you decide on anything is asking whether your problem is fixable through renovation or not. Of course, in some clear cut cases, like your office becoming too small for your number of employees, it is impossible to fix this without moving out, but most cases aren’t as clear cut – for example, if your office is required to reduce the outside noise getting in because it is affecting your team’s performance, you can easily do that through installing better and more noise-reducing windows instead of moving out. This, usually, will cost less in the long run, especially if you were to hire a professional company offering inexpensive windows and doors Edmonton or near you.

What Kind of Business are You Running and What Impact Will Moving Have on It?

Some businesses are hurt more by moving than others, and this should factor into your decision whether you should move or not:

  • Online-based businesses: if you’re conducting most of your business through the Internet, as you should be, you’re way less reliant on your physical location. Your customers are used to communicate with you through the Internet in any case and moving your office from one place to another doesn’t change anything for them.
  • Physical-based businesses: if your business relies too much on physical meetings in your office or you need things delivered there regularly, your location might be way important. When moving, you should do some research on the number of clients you might lose and add that to your overall cost of moving. Especially if you’ve invested a lot in your current office like installing curved glass railing, etc. which add a lot of value to your office and make it seem more professional to your clients. Moving out might be prohibitively expensive.

How Stable is Your Business?

Why do you usually change offices? Because the current office doesn’t meet your requirements and you want to move to another office that will fit you better. However, ask yourself this, what will your business look like in a year? Considering all the different variables, the changes in market forecasts, and the changes in demand for your services and products, do you see yourself staying in the new office next year? You don’t want to move offices if you’ll know you have to move offices again next year. There are two things you can do in this instance:

  • Hold off moving and renovate your current office until your business environment is more stable: if your moving needs aren’t crucial and immediate, you might be able to ameliorate them off through the renovation/reorganization of your office until your company’s outlook becomes more stable. Even small changes like getting a small box fan might improve things substantially in your office. This strategy could buy you crucial time until you can have a clear vision and forecast of your company’s future, and then, you can then make a much more informed decision regarding your company’s next office.
  • Change your business model to rely less on your office: you can make small changes to your business processes to rely less on your physical location. Either by branching out to more than one office, by digitizing some of your services or by allowing your employees to telecommute. There are multiple ways you can circumvent physical constraints, but the prescriptions are different for businesses in each sector.
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