Improve Electrical Safety in Your Facility with the Help of Leaf Electrical Safety Consultants

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Electrical safety is a system of measures and rules, as well as technical solutions aimed at preventing the negative effects of electric current, electric arc, electromagnetic field, and static electricity on employees.

When one needs to organize it, the process requires both knowledge and time. Moreover, here we talk about the life and health of the workers as well as about the reputation and success of the enterprise. Theretofore, Leaf electrical safety professionals can provide all the needed assistance and guidance to build an electrical safety system properly.

Electrical safety requirements

Generally, all the requirements are fixed in the state regulations and rules for the structure and operation of electrical installations, for their utilization, regulations on labor protection, recommendations for the use and testing of protective tools, etc.

The effect of these regulatory legal acts results in the classification of workers as electrical and non-electrical personnel, as well as those involved in the repair and maintenance of electrical installations.

Regardless of the form of ownership, employers must monitor compliance with electrical safety standards and regularly conduct appropriate training for employees, including briefings on electrical safety and the provision of primary medical care to victims of electric shock. For example, Leaf electrical safety consultants can organize:

  • virtual and on-site electrical safety training customized according to the needs of the enterprise;
  • arc flash study to calculate the hazard and appropriately label the equipment.

Failure to comply with electrical safety requirements at the enterprise entails liability by applicable regulations.

Regulatory authorities periodically audit compliance with electrical safety standards and impose penalties on employers who deviate from compliance with generally accepted electrical safety standards.

Together with Leaf electrical safety consultants, you can:

  • organize your own safety audit to protect lives;
  • develop an electrical safety program for the future.

Electrical safety groups and training of personnel

The owner must remember the importance of observing electrical safety standards. As part of the safety measures in carrying out work related to the repair, maintenance, and operation of electrical installations, employees are required to have the appropriate electrical safety group. To assign a group or confirm it, an employee must periodically undergo special training at a center licensed to provide educational services.

To date, there are different groups of electrical safety admission, each of which has its own characteristics, namely:

  • the implementation of supervision over the tasks set;
  • the possibility of internal training and training of personnel for obtaining a certificate;
  • control over the implementation of safety standards, etc.

There is a group on electrical safety for office workers who are non-electrical personnel working with electrical equipment. The list of positions and professions, the electrical safety of which requires special attention, is regulated by the head individually.

The employee must be instructed, and go through oral testing and verification of acquired knowledge in practice. The procedure is carried out at least once a year, and the personnel can be instructed by a responsible person.

Other groups of admission for electrical safety of personnel are assigned to the user after passing the studying programs. In the process of training, the employee receives the necessary knowledge about the operation of electrical equipment, the internal structure of the electrical system and a clear understanding of the consequences of an electric shock. After completing the course, the employee must pass a test, in which it is also necessary to demonstrate knowledge of the provision of primary medical care to a victim of electric shock.

If you want to improve electrical safety do not hesitate to visit  and contact our electrical safety consultants via or (800) 822 9532 and your workers and your enterprise will be safe.

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