Must-Wear Shoulder Length Haircuts Looks For Stylish Ladies

Woman Getting Her New Hairstyle In Salon.
Woman Getting Her New Hairstyle In Salon.

Shoulder length haircuts styles have been there for centuries, but this year they have a different new twist. You can opt for trend and polished looks or tousled waves depending on what suits you better.

There are endless options for different hair types and face shapes that you can choose from. It is all about what you need and what makes you happy.

A balayage gives you an excellent highlight of your best facial features and provides you with a modern and top fashion look regardless of your age. So, if you are prepared to take your hairstyle to the next level, we have the best shoulder length haircuts styles for your consideration.

They are appealing, sexy, and modern looks that will give you an instant facelift. Continue reading below to learn more.


  • 1. Two-Toned Blonde Shoulder Length Haircuts with Ash Balayage.

Centre-parting your hair suits ladies with oval face shapes and gives them an added advantage of hiding any imperfections at the outer edges of their eyes. You can enhance dimension and volume at the sides of your shoulder length haircuts by adding waves by tousling polished strands. And this is the best way to add width to your narrow face shape. The two-coloured blonde has top-fashion balayage in brown balayage and white, hence adds a 3-D colour dimension to your hairstyle.

  • 2. Centre Part-Inverted Bob.

You don’t need to fluff up your thick hair to get volume. It has its natural body. This exciting blend of neutral and beige-blonde balayage changes boring, dark-blonde manes into something trendy and stylish. A steep, graduated bob includes lots of contemporary styles to your shoulder length haircuts. And immensely textured tips create a jagged bottom edge that completes this youthful look.

    • 3. Polished Copper-Beige Twists.

This shoulder-length haircut has the same length apart from the shorter layers at the back of your head. The technique of styling this haircut makes it an ideal option for ladies with fine to medium hair that need more layers to look thick. Stylish, choppy, and textured trimmings also contribute to the density of this haircut. And the dark-blonde base appears fabulous with sleek, copper-beige balayage. It is ideal for warm skin tones.


      • 4 Soft Copper-Golden Shoulder Length Lob.

Medium blonde is one of the hottest and skin-flattering tones. This golden copper and cool-gold balayage are ideal for ladies with warm undertones.

The extended layers are immensely textured at the trimmings to create a choppy and ragged vibe. There is an excellent creative contrast between the natural defined waves and soft top, which are set against the stylish and uneven bottom edge.

        • 5. Messy Wavy Blonde for Ladies with Thick Hair.

Thick, blonde manes aren’t hard to tame if you opt for a highly stylish messy shoulder-length haircut. The chopped layers make sure your hair falls naturally into relaxed waves, with tapering trimmings eliminating the bulk at the tips. Accentuated with light-golden blonde colours and medium blonde balayage, what you get is a beautiful style that stands out from the rest-full of amazing texture and fresh feel.

        • 6. Fluffy Tousled Bob for Fine Hair.

Tousled styling and addition of waves are two ingredients you need if you want to add depth and volume to your thin hair. And if your hair appears greasy, you may wish to add bleached blonde highlights to eliminate that problem. This shoulder-length haircut is consists of three-dimensional texture and depth. And including varying colours of blonde, specifically the white blonde hues on the top layers, finishes your look ingeniously and attractively.

        • 7. Subtle Golden Sliced Layers on Graduated Lob.

The best way to bridge the gap between old-fashioned curls and boring long hairstyles is to add directional waves. The best thing is that they are effortless to achieve if you tell your stylist to add sliced layers for extended hair sections with thin tapered trimmings. For instance, the subtle golden lob comes with gorgeously blended colours of pale and neutral gold and subtle touches of balayage and ash-brown base. This combination gives you a classy and interestingly glam look.

        • 8. Medium Caramel and Blonde Balayage.

If you need a natural makeover shade for your hair, then you should opt for the mid-caramel blonde. It is highlighted with beige blonde balayage for a stylish shoulder-length haircut.

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