Most Useful Strategies for Revising Your Writing

Useful Strategies for Revising Your Writing

No matter whether you have just started writing or have been writing for weeks, you always need to prepare yourself to revise the work. The chance is that your teacher or professor won’t love the way you have submitted your paper, and you might be asked to rewrite or revise the entire paper. In order to ensure quality, you must remember the following revising strategies.

Make big changes while editing

According to writers from, one of the biggest mistakes students make is that they don’t change the essay or content while editing or revising. It is important to make big and prominent changes so that your teacher can see the difference between the previously submitted paper and the current work and can give marks accordingly. The major changes you might have to make while revising the paper are as follows:

  • Rearranging paragraphs
  • Deleting certain things
  • Adding more information
  • Inserting more references and citations
  • Removing unnecessary examples or content

If your teacher says that you need to rewrite the entire text, then you have to recreate your thesis statement and rewrite every single line. Make sure you have proofread the work before submitting it to the teacher for review.

Make small changes

One of the best revision strategies for writing is that you have to make minor or small changes. These changes include the followings:

  • Changing the structure of several paragraphs or lines
  • Fixing grammatical errors
  • Checking the paper for spelling mistakes and removing them all

When you make these changes, it will be easy for you to learn more about your flaws and fix things the next time.

Take multiple passes at a piece of writing

You can check different examples of critique paper to have an idea of how to take multiple passes at a single piece of writing. While writing your essay or paper, the chance is that you will make a lot of mistakes. We all make mistakes, but the most important thing is to learn from those mistakes and fix them all before submitting our writing projects. If you still have some doubts you can always say: ” Please, help me with my essay” and reliable writing platforms will do it for you without any mistakes.

You must spare time to read and edit the paper properly. For example, if your essay is due in three days from now, then you need to write it in two days and spare the third day for editing and proofreading. The problem with most students is that they do not bother to take multiple passes on a single piece of work or often forget to edit and proofread. If you are doing the same mistake, you may end up getting poor marks.

Create a checklist

For the best creative writing revision, you can create a checklist of different aspects to evaluate and correct things appropriately. In simple words, we can say that you should make a plan of how you are going to revise and where to get started.

It does not matter if you are a high school student or a university graduate, you can always ensure quality and consistency by creating a checklist. This will save you precious time and energy and you will get the desired results. It will also help you have an idea of where the flaws are actually present and how to fix them as soon as possible.

Know the difference between editing and proofreading

We all need to know the difference between editing and proofreading. Editing is done when some big mistakes are present or certain lines or paragraphs need to be changed. On the other hand, proofreading is done only to check whether or not the content is according to the given instructions or guidelines.

A proofreader may or may not fix the mistakes and can return the paper to the writer or the student with feedback or comments on what to change and how to change the work. However, the job of an editor is to fix minor mistakes himself or herself without bringing the matter to the student or the writer’s attention. It is a must part of revising the writing process and ensures quality throughout the paper.

Develop a schedule for revision

Developing a schedule for revision is as compulsory as editing and revising a paper. You can begin with editing or revising the basic things. For example, if an essay has four different sections, then you can begin revising the shortest and easiest paragraphs. You can have issues especially if your topic is pretty hard to write for example essays about the death penalty, then you better ask help from professionals for revision.

How to revise an essay? You can check whether or not the content of the body paragraphs aligns with the thesis statement or research question. If it is not, then you might have to make some big changes so that the work looks good, professional and impressive.

Useful Strategies for Revising Your Writing

In conclusion, it can be said that we all need to have enough time to proofread and edit because this will save time and leave a good impression on the minds of readers or professors. The most important thing is that you need to practice and write an essay or two every day so that you can gain more knowledge, build vocabulary and get to know how to fix mistakes in a short time.

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