How to Write an Outstanding Narrative Essay

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Students are generally asked to write a narrative essay in their high school or college. The fact is that the majority of students are unaware of this type of writing and question what is a narrative essay. A narrative essay is a piece of writing where an author narrates a story or a personal experience using an inspirational approach. The story described is typically related to the personal development of the teller. Narrative essay writing encourages the writer to utilize all his imaginative skills for creative writing. It allows the use of the first person in the paper. A narrative essay is usually an anecdote or experience of the writer which involves self-expression of the writer in a more creative way.

Structure of a Narrative Essay

There is no strictly defined structure for writing a narrative essay which makes this genre of writing popular among the writers. It should only be an interesting piece of writing for the readers to read. It is important to prepare an effective narrative essay structure that can help you in writing a convincing story. If you have never written any narrative essay so is there to help you write a custom essay. The general structure of a narrative essay shows the outline for the essay and key elements which are important to be considered while writing a narrative essay.

  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  • Importance of the topic
  • Thesis statement
  1. Body paragraphs
  • Background setting
  • Beginning of the story
  • Middle events
  • End of the story
  1. Conclusion
  • Moral of the story
  • Significance of the story

Types of Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are usually the stories told by their writes. A native essay is divided into three different types. They include.

  1. Fiction: is imaginary writing which includes a novel, short stories, fable, fantasy, folk tale or a fictional play.
  2. Non-fiction: are the authentic narratives which are based on reality. It includes biography, history, autobiography, diaries or journal.
  3. Poetry: is a narrative that involves the use of unique style and rhythm while expressing ideas, feelings or emotions.

How to Write an Outstanding Narrative Essay

Narrative Essay Topics

Narrative essays allow freedom of choice for topic selection which is challenging for the writers. It is because when a writer is given the choice to write about anything of their interest they get confused. So the best way is to write about the first thought that comes into your mind. Personal narrative topics are difficult to decide. A more practical way of topic selection is to list down all the topics of your personal interest and identify your expertise in any one of the topics which are finally selected. According to ca.edujungles, some people prefer writing about the topic which has an interesting story to narrate. So topic selection is one of the critical steps in narrative essay writing. The topic for a narrative essay should be interesting for both the writer to write and the reader to read. The most effective way of choosing a topic is to think about the subject which you are passionate about. It can help you to express your feelings and emotions better because you have personal involvement in the essay.

Narrative Essay Example

There are some narrative essay examples which can provide an idea regarding this genre of writing. The examples include;

  • A new shocking experience of your life.
  • Your favorite
  • Your hobbies or passion.
  • An unforgettable trip.
  • An interesting experience.
  • A difficult decision of your life
  • An observation you have made.
  • A learning experience


Tips for Writing a Narrative Essay

There are few narrative writing tips that can be helpful in writing an effective essay. You can pay for essay writing or you can use these essay writing tips if you do not have narrative essay writing experience.

●      Topic selection: An interesting topic choice is key for writing a successful narrative essay.4

●      Essay components: A good essay must include all key components such as story, setting, plot, characters, and a climax that must be well defined.

  • Creative: It is important for the writer to e creative, expressive and imaginative while writing a narrative essay.
  • Concise: A narrative essay must be precise and accurate. The details included must be purposeful.

●      Organized format: The essay should be well-organized and well-executed where all the parts are sequenced and linked.

●      Relevance: The story narrated should have relevance to the topic. The events and narration must revolve around the actual subject.

●      Clear language: Use of explicit language and interesting phrases to keep the reader engaged in the essay.

Essay Writing

A narrative essay is basically storytelling. It does not have a strict guideline to be followed but a general essay structure. An effective narration needs to have a sequence of events that must be related to the actual topics. Topic selection is the choice of writer depending upon his interest, experience, and expertise. Some general tips are given which clarify how to write a narrative essay more effectively.

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