Update – Pickle Lake – HWY 599 Road Closure

Highway closure

PICKLE LAKE – The highway into Pickle Lake is now open.

Earlier: Update on the HWY 599 road closure
This information was provided to the municipality by the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre by the MTO duty Officer at 14:54 CST OCT 24, 2019

•MTO Traffic Division is aware and is working to clear and open the highway
•The duel tanker trailer has to be emptied before they can remove it.
•A company: is flying in drivers to Pickle Lake to bring tractors down to assist with the emptying of the tankers
•2 heavy wreckers have been contracted and are working to get to the rollover.
•Unfortunately there is no timeline for re-opening at this time.

Please access 511 for updates as this will be updated by MTO Hwys.