Hot Home Remodeling and Renovation Trends You Need to Know About

When you turn an old bedroom into a guest bedroom, you don't have to change much.

Every homeowner’s dream is to transform their home into the most beautiful and comfortable place on the earth. For this, many are willing to pay a significant amount of money to undergo home improvement and remodeling projects while many people find excuses not to bring change into their current house. According to the Home Improvement Research Institute, house remodeling activities are expected to increase through 2021. Typically, people undergo some remodeling projects in their kitchens and bathrooms. However, the furniture, flooring, wall paintings, décor stuff, etc. shouldn’t be overlooked as well. If you want to go for a proper home transformation, then you’ll need to consider every little thing.

Every year, we are experiencing some major trends and styles in the world of fashion and lifestyle. Primarily, when it comes to home décor and improvement, people have become more conscious of what they should and shouldn’t go for. Yes, we know, transforming your place can be a little daunting task which needs to be carried out with a lot of consideration. After all, you are spending your time, effort, and money. Additionally, if you do not know how to take things from 0 to 100, then it is recommended to know what is trending and what’s not!

In recent years, home renovations have become a statement for which people are even willing to make their bank accounts scream. We are witnessing some stunning and most amazing trends which are making people give a renovation to their places. Be it a home or office, to make a statement and reflect your style, home remodeling is the new way to go. We understand that it can be a bit overwhelming to choose among a number of options. So for you, we’ve listed down some major trends down below. Make sure to read this article till the end!

Choose Warmer Paint Colors

Undoubtedly, walls and white paint is a never-ending love story, and the same goes for grey paint as well. But recently, we are experiencing the upsurge of warmer and earthy neutrals colors. Moreover, soft and warmer whites have replaced cold white wall paints. Though cooler greys have been a top pick for wall painting years ago, warmer tones of grey seem to be a popular alternative to them. Interior designers and editors have been raving about dove grey with a lilac undertone from the beginning of this year.

The Sherwin Williams Company a global manufacturer, developer, distributor, and seller of coatings and related products have mentioned Cavern Clay, a warm terracotta, as the color of the year. While the Behr paint company chose Blueprint, a mid-tone blue and Benjamin Moore’s that is a paint producing company selected Metropolitan, a sophisticated grey for the color of the year to go on walls. Therefore, if you are planning to paint your walls, then skew more towards neutral, light, or warmer color.

Smart kitchen

Probably the kitchen is that area of the house on which people spend a significant amount of money. It will not be wrong to say that it is the central part of every house which brings everyone together before starting a day and after finishing it. Kitchens of today are not hidden in the back of the house. Instead, they have become the focal point of the home. Being so prominent in your house, they deserve a proper makeover in a most advanced way.

Technology has also made its way into our kitchens in the form of advanced appliances and gadgets. Today, everything from the fridge to the faucets and from appliances to the lights, innovation has transformed the traditional kitchen into the smart ones. There is no denying that smart kitchens are the evolving facet of design. In fact, for their new houses, many people are preferring to build smart kitchens from the ground up. While owners of old houses can undergo major remodeling by adding smart gadgets, sensors, and other devices into their kitchens.

Open Floor Plans

Home Remodeling is not an easy thing to do, especially when you want to make your space look larger. Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners, and their trends have been emerging from years. Open floor plans have so many advantages to offer. Firstly, they allow you to have a spacious common area where everyone can gather and hangout. Everyone will have a comfortable shared space where they can sit, relax, and interact with each other. In more closed spaces, every member of the family is more likely to head to his/her room, which limits the opportunities of interaction.

Moreover, it allows you to use your space flexibly. For example, when you have guests coming over, you’ll be able to bring in a few more chairs to accommodate everyone comfortably. This idea comes really handy, especially when you want to make your space more private and comfy by putting some screens to block off the area. Probably the best benefit of open floor plans is that it gives the illusion of a larger space.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Though white cabinets are classic which can be used in almost every kind of kitchen style, we are witnessing that white is slowly making its way out. In 2019, the popularity of white cabinets has significantly decreased. Homeowners are loving the idea of dark, wood satin color, and different paint colors for their cabinets. Additionally, the mixing of finishes and pops of color such as blue and green give cabinets the needed accent piece.

In addition to these neutral colors, dark jewel tones including emerald green, black, navy, and even plum are making their way into the kitchen. If you go with this dark cabinet kitchen style, you’ll notice how well they work in and adds that dramatic yet luxurious effect to your kitchen area. However, one thing you should keep in mind that never go crazy with these colors as they tend to overpower the space.

Mixed Metals

Mixed metals is a new way to remodel your house. In 2019, designers are recommending the idea of mixing metals, and their favorites are pewter, copper, brass, gunmetal, and matte black. If you really want to get the full out of this theme, then it comes straight from the experts to pick one metal hue to lead your color palette and a contrasting tone to go with it. For example, if you have chosen a warm color palette then pick a warm-hued primary metal like copper or brass. Similarly, for a cool color palette, opting for cool-toned metal such as stainless steel or pewter will pull together the whole look.

Upgrade Your Bathroom with Tiles

When we are talking about home remodeling, how can we forget about bathrooms that dominate the whole house? The bathroom is that area of the house from where we start the preparation of the day and spend our mornings. So, it deserves a stylish makeover, right? Whether you are planning to buy a new home or just want to remodel your existing one, it is recommended to update your bathroom on the latest bathroom trends. What can be a better way to upgrade your bathroom with beautiful and attractive tiles?

Tiles in unique shapes, colors, and styles are among the latest bathroom trends. Tiles manufacturers have really stepped up with the tiles game in terms of colors, styles, designs, sizes, and shapes. There are a lot of options for you to choose from. You can go with bold colors, or you can stick to the basic light tile colors whatever you pick make sure it complements your bathroom style. Additionally, the biggest benefit of tiles is that they are easy to maintain and clean. In case you have dropped something on the floor, you can always clean the mess up easily.

Canvas Painting

Long gone are the days, when traditional photo frames were a hit, but today the popularity seems to be fading away slowly. Though many people still uses traditional photo frames in their houses to display their moments, showcasing your memorable moments printed on the canvases is the new way to go. Interior designers have been raving about the benefits and qualities of canvas art. We have seen the visible growth in the popularity of canvases recently.

Canvas paintings liven up your space and bring life to your pictures. Whether you choose to display your wedding photographs or you want to exhibit your vacation photos, every image will look good printed on the canvases. With traditional photo frames, we have experienced the issue of glare and reflection when they are hung in more bright or sunny rooms, which doesn’t look appealing at all. It is because the photos are printed on the shiny material and secured with the glass, which causes reflection.

On the other hand, with canvases, you will not have to worry about where to hang them. Whether you display them in the brightest room of your house or the dark one, you will never experience any glare and reflection with them.

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