Ten ways to stop crimes in your community

Ten ways to stop crimes in your community

The crime rate continues to be a skyrocketing element in all parts of the world despite much improvement in safety and security. There are many reasons why people commit crimes every day. Some blame unemployment whereas many from the poor and needy commit criminal activities to feed their families. You will be shocked to know more than 3 billion people in this world are living in poverty which means many of them to have to invest themselves in multiple activities to provide for the family. However, if you are worried about the increasing crime rate in your community, you must make your effort as a responsible citizen to stop those activities. You cannot always rely on the cops to come and save a lady from being killed in the street corner. In this article, we will guide you through ten ways with which you can curtail the crime rate in your community.

1.      Report any suspicious activity immediately

If you are skeptical about a possible robbery going on next door, you must contact the cops as soon as you can. There are many apps with which one can inform the local cops on time. Most people often hide and overlook a criminal activity that is going on in their neighborhood. In this way, many crimes go unreported. As a responsible citizen, you must be coherent with what’s happening in your community. If you believe somebody has broken into your house you must call the police discreetly on time. Some people often lose their control and try to intrude in the situation in their way. However, a mindful move is to distance yourself from the criminals and inform the cops. Once cops start intruding in your community, local thieves and criminals will hold back their punches and refrain from attacking the community again.

2.      Work with the local public agencies

Every community has its local public agencies that are always looking for young people who would help in curtailing multiple issues. The ethos behind starting such organizations is to make people feel safe and be able to discuss their issues with jury members, be they personal, professional or racial. Once you start volunteering as a local help, the community will feel strengthened. Local public agencies have strong contacts with the cops and are often allowed to have their weapons to cater to a dangerous situation. Therefore you must sign in with a local community platform to do your bit for the people of your locality.

3.      Install security cameras in your community

Even if you live in a poor neighborhood, there needs to be some way of maintaining the security of the place digitally. Most burglars and thieves enter homes from areas which are not flocked by people all the time. Surveillance cameras are the need of the house, though, most developed nations have security cameras in all of their cities, yet there are many places where there is lack of security. So if you can afford to, you must engage a few people from within your community and install CCTV cameras in places where you believe thieves won’t have any doubts about it. Once you install a security camera, you will very likely be able to trace a thief once he/she tries to break in the house.

4.      Train your dog

Dogs have always been the ultimate favorites when it comes to chasing criminals. So if you have your dog, you must attend the dog walker watch awareness program which is sponsored by the association of town watch. Once you join hands with the local security of your area, you will very likely be able to be successful in cutting down the crime rate of your locality. Dogs are imperative when it comes to chasing down people whom the security is skeptical about. In most developed countries, it is crucial to have a watchdog as a part of the security team. Though they can turn violent and become hostile but are very helpful in tough situations.

5.      Conduct a safety awareness program

One of the basic reasons why criminals get away with their crimes is because the local people don’t have enough information on how to get rid of such issues. Many people are naïve in this regard which is why they fall prey to the predators who are looking forward to hunting people and rob them. If you want to do something concrete for the community you must conduct an awareness program through which you can highlight the importance of improving the security of the house, locking the doors, installing CCTV, incorporating extra window blinds, etc. Through this program, you can also train young kids and especially women on how to fight a robber or a potential rapist if he tries to impose himself on you. Such awareness programs are crucial for they help people in learning many new things they probably never heard about before.

6.      Install deadlock bolts in the house and encourage others to do the same

It takes approximately 60 seconds for burglars to break into the house so you can make their entry difficult. Most burglars enter the house from the backside, and if you’re not at home, they will very likely enter from the front door. You can incorporate many things to make the doors entry tough. Furthermore, if you afford to, you can install another door in the house to make the entry twice as difficult. Though it will cost a lot of money but once done, this effort will help you in the long run. You must also install an extra layer of coating on the windows so that burglars aren’t able to open the windows in one go. Most houses have windows that can easily be opened which is why it is imperative to toughen the entry In the house so that burglars can’t easily break-in. Even if they try to break in the house the only option they’ll have will be to either break the door or break the window.

7.      Trim overgrown bushes and hedges

Criminals are often not caught because there is enough hiding space for them around the house they’re trying to break in. If your community has many overgrown bushes and hedges, you must talk to people and get them cut to remove the hiding space for criminals. Furthermore, if you have a lot of old bushes in your backyard or the front lawn which have overgrown, you must get them trimmed. Criminals in this day and age are wise enough to find hiding spaces easily. Therefore you must go the extra mile and do everything which compels them not to rob your community and evacuate it immediately. Crime rates are higher in places where there is a lot of space for criminals to hide and channel their criminal activities.

8.      Leave the car in the runway and turn the lights on

Thieves look for empty houses so if you’re going out for a dinner or a long drive with family you must keep the lights on and let the radio playing. If they notice that the house is functional, they will keep away from breaking into your place. Most people try to save on extra costs by totally shutting the house, but in this day and age, it is crucial to go the extra mile for the sake of the safety of your house. Install an LED light or a light that consumes less electricity. Incorporate it in a place where you believe a burglar could look for the first glimpse. Once you do it, encourage other people in the community to do the same.

9.      Don’t hide valuables In cliché places

Always have a secure place for the valuables in the house instead of putting them in the usual places such as a drawer, bedroom closets, etc. You should have a discreet place for such valuables which even most family members of the house don’t have any idea about. So even if burglars break into your house and are unable to find anything valuable, you will ultimately be more successful at the end of the day. There are many spaces of the house where such things can be kept in. If you are out on a long holiday with family, you can register important belongings in the bank and keep them saved there. You can also trust a close friend or family member for such stuff.

10.  Don’t be a criminal yourself

This is the best way to prevent the community from getting affected by you as a person. This is the most important thing you need to keep in mind. People shouldn’t be scared of you as a person. Even if you have less money to fulfil your needs you must manage everything within that amount. If you will start slanting towards luxuries, you will very likely be getting yourself in trouble. As a citizen, you must play a crucial role in keeping the community safe rather than committing felonies and other hideous crimes. However, If you’re ever committed of a crime you didn’t do you can google Phoenix criminal attorney if you’re in the state of Arizona. You will be provided a list of all working professionals of that state.


There’s no escape from the fact, the harder we try, the crime rate is anyways going to increase because of so many factors. However, as responsible citizens, we can take care of our families and educate our communities on how to keep away from crime and criminals in this day and age.

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