Liberal Party Election Platform Released

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Toronto, ON — Today, the Liberal Party of Canada unveiled its plan to move forward for a stronger middle class, and for a better Canada for all Canadians.

“Middle class Canadians do the heavy lifting in our economy,” said the Leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau. “So when we choose to give more help to the middle class and the people working hard to join it, we are choosing a stronger economy. We are choosing a more affordable, more fair Canada. We are choosing a cleaner, better country for our kids and grandkids. We are choosing forward.”

Forward: A Real Plan for the Middle Class builds on the progress we’ve made investing in families, workers, and communities. Under our plan, we will cut taxes for the middle class, without giving a break to millionaires. We will ban assault rifles and strengthen gun control. And we will continue to take bold action to protect our environment and fight climate change.

“The Conservatives want to go back to the Harper years, where they give tax cuts to millionaires, loosen gun regulations, and make it free to pollute again,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Andrew Scheer doesn’t think it’s possible to grow the economy and fight climate change. He’s wrong. Our plan will create jobs, reduce pollution, and leave a healthier planet for our kids and grandkids.”

The Conservative Party, in a statement released today, say, “In the last election, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals promised a lot, but once elected they broke promise after promise and made life more expensive and unaffordable for families. Plain and simple, Justin Trudeau is not as advertised. If Justin Trudeau is re-elected he will once again break his promises to Canadians and raise taxes on hard-working Canadian families.”

Thunder Bay-Superior North Liberal candidate Patty Hajdu says, “Today we released our plan to build on the progress we’ve made investing in families, workers, and communities. A re-elected Liberal government will put more money in the pockets of Canadians, take real action to protect our environment, and make post secondary education more affordable.

“In October, people in Thunder Bay-Superior have an important choice to make – we can move forward for everyone or we can face cuts to the services that people depend on. The Liberal Party is the only party with a plan to help everyone thrive in Thunder Bay-Superior North,” concludes Hadju.

In Thunder Bay-Rainy River, Marcus Powlowski states, “From lower cell phone bills, lower taxes, and incentives to make home improvements, the Liberal government is laser focussed on making sure that the average Canadian is going to be better off over the next four years.

“We’re also going to make sure that our most elderly and those starting new families or adopting have an easier time of dealing with the costs of living. This is why I’m proud to be running for the Liberal party in Thunder Bay, Rainy River.”

Thunder Bay-Superior North Conservative candidate Frank Pullia says, “After spending the summer door-knocking in the Thunder Bay-Superior North riding one common theme is emerging, that under the Trudeau’s Liberals life is becoming more expensive and more and more people are having a hard time making ends meet”

“People are looking for real change,” adds Pullia, “and help in making their lives more affordable. My priority will be on growing our regional economy and creating good-paying jobs by working closely with Mayors, Councils, First Nation communities, the province and community organizations in the region to bring the type of prosperity that leaves no one behind.”

When a Liberal government is re-elected, the average family in Canada will also:

  • Save $1,000 a year on their family’s cell phone plans when we lower bills by 25 per cent;

  • Save nearly $600 a year when we lower taxes for everyone but the already wealthy;

  • See their aging parents’ Old Age Security go up by at least $729 when they turn 75;

  • Save hundreds of dollars a month on mortgage payments on their first home;

  • Get an interest-free loan of up to $40,000, and hundreds of dollars in incentives, if they want to retrofit their home and save more money on bills;

  • Save $800 a year when we lower fees for before and after school child care;

  • Get up to $1,000 more to help with the costs of raising a newborn when we boost the Canada Child Benefit for children under the age of one; and

  • Get more money when we make maternity and parental benefits tax-free, and 15 weeks of paid leave if they adopt.

Forward: A Real Plan for the Middle Class also gives real help to the next generation of Canadian leaders. The costs of tuition, rent, books, and groceries — along with cuts to student aid by provincial Conservative governments — are putting an immense amount of pressure and stress on students.

A re-elected Liberal government will help more students prepare for good jobs while taking on less debt.

  • We will give students up to $1,200 more, per year, by increasing Canada Student Grants by another 40 per cent, to help with the rising cost of tuition, books, and rent; and

  • We will give students two years after graduation to get started before they need to begin paying off their student loans, interest-free.

  • We will change the rules so that, even after the two year grace period, graduates won’t have to start repaying their loans until they make at least $35,000, and can put their loans on hold if their income drops below this level; and

  • We will allow parents to pause student loan repayments — with no interest — until their youngest child reaches the age of five. This means more money to help pay for things like baby products and childcare in those important, and expensive, first years.

“Like Doug Ford, Andrew Scheer will cut support for college and university students. But what the Conservatives fail to understand is that the greatest investment we can make in our future is in education and training,” said Mr. Trudeau. “We won’t make the same mistakes. On education. On the environment. On the economy. We will not fall back and fall behind. We will move forward, and choose to lead.”

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