The Beginner Guidance on How to Play Dota 2

The Beginner Guidance on How to Play Dota 2

If you are going to start playing Dota 2 or recently have started, but something doesn’t work for you, then this guide is for you. In this article, you will learn how to play Dota 2 if you are a beginner: how to choose a hero, what you should buy at first, and many other useful tips. Ready?

1) Start from training

Today, introductory missions are in almost every game. Dota 2 is a rather complicated game, so we recommend you to start training at the beginning of the game. Even if you played similar games, you can learn about some of Dota’s unique mechanics. If you missed the training for some reason, then you can always find it in the “Knowledge Base” section.

2) Choose a hero

To begin with, choose one or more heroes and learn to play them only. Gradually, you will definitely expand this list, but now it’s better not to do this. At the moment, there are 116 characters in the game and there is no reason to learn all of them.

First, select the “Heroes” tab in the upper zone of the main menu. Configure the complexity to avoid the ones that are too complicated for beginners. By the way, you can configure the appearance of your character by selecting Dota 2 skins on

There are two more filters to the left: “Farm” and “Support”. Choosing the first one, we will leave the so-called core heroes, whose tasks are to farm as much gold and experience as possible, killing enemies and creeps. If you selected this role, we highly recommend you to spend your free time in the training session.

The Beginner Guidance on How to Play Dota 2

The characters of the “Support”, as the name implies, are obliged to help the core heroes. They can either heal or strengthen allies, or weaken rivals. Also, one of the support heroes must buy the initial Courier at the beginning of the game and place the Observer and Sentry Wards throughout the game, giving visibility on the map.

  1. Quick damage: this option filters the heroes according to the damage rate. It’s not a very important filter. However, if you have any preferences in this area, then feel free to use it.

2) Control: it will show you characters who have strong stuns, agers, etc.

3) Forest: shows heroes who can farm in the forest from the first minutes. The current conditions in Dota are unfavorable for foresters, but in the next patch, everything can change.

4) Escape: if you like to use characters who can quickly retreat from the battlefield, use this filter.

5) Siege: on the way to the throne of the enemy, we have to deal with the need to destroy the enemy’s towers. Of course, this can be done by any hero and even creeps. However, characters with this filter destroy towers especially quickly and easily.

Are you an experienced Dota2 player? Share your tips with newcomers in comments.

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