Why Print Marketing is Still Highly Effective When Growing a Business in Thunder Bay


Recent stats show that 92% of young shoppers say they prefer direct mail for making purchasing decisions, as reported by Alliance Business Services. While much of the global focus of small business marketing has shifted to online advertising, the latest figures show that print ads and direct mail are still incredibly valuable. If you own a business in Thunder Bay, and are in search of ways to generate more sales, you are missing out if you aren’t currently using this form of marketing. Learn more about why print marketing is still highly effective in 2019.

Print marketing has excellent ROI

Even though social and online ads can produce good ROI, print is still the most reliable. Experts with Deluxe marketing products reported that for every $167 spent (per person) on direct mail, businesses currently earn an average of $2,095. This equals a 1,255% return on the initial investment. In addition to inherent features that lead to more people making purchasing decisions, the cost of print marketing has been reduced significantly in recent decades. For example, since you can print stamps online, business employees no longer have to make lengthy trips to the post office. The hours previously spent on this errand alone had a significant cost to companies. Additionally, the cost of printing (e.g. paper, print services) has also become much more affordable, as reported by Qwerkal,

People trust print ads more than online ads

One significant barrier that marketers have not yet been able to overcome is the credibility of online advertisements. To this day, all polls show that print marketing is still far more trustworthy than any form of online advertising. Another figure published by Alliance Business Services revealed that 56% of customers said that they considered print advertising to be the most trustworthy form of marketing. With the rise of fake news, scams, and unreliable online businesses, it is challenging for many consumers to know what sites can be trusted. Print marketing, however, almost always includes a business phone number and address that can be visited. This traceability makes print ads much more credible, which can result in added sales.

More engaging than online marketing content

Print advertising is naturally more engaging than online advertising, and there is research to back up this assertion. Experts have found that print marketing makes products and services more desirable, helps people remember more about a product or service, and ultimately leads to purchases. Also, direct mail is a form of marketing that must be viewed and handled. While online ads can be easy to click out of before even seeing the product, most people will take a careful look at print ads that they receive in the mail.

When considering how to effectively grow your Thunder Bay business, print marketing has incredible value. Since online ads are also proving to be of value, many businesses are using a combination of both mediums. In fact, this can be the most effective approach, as marketing experts have recently found that print ads can boost the effectiveness of online ads.

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