Pikangikum Chief States Self Evacuated Residents Can Start Heading Home

Hercules in Pikangikum
Hercules in Pikangikum

PIKANGIKUM – Residents who self evacuated from Pikangikum First Nation can start returning home today. Chief Amanda Sainnawap has advised community members that due to Red Lake #14 being contained and with recent rain in the area the fire is now “being held”.

Residents who left the community by their own means (self-evacuees) can start returning to Pikangikum today. Community members who were evacuated by plane will be returned by plane. A schedule is being prepared by the MNRF. Once verified, the schedule will be posted on the Pikangikum Community Evacuation Facebook page

The Aviation, Forest Fire and Emergency Services (AFFES) reports that the fire near Pikangikum received significant rainfall over the past 48 hours and is being held at 3,835 hectares. 24 crews are assigned to the fire. Crews are extinguishing hot spots and have begun to remove sprinklers from infrastructure.

The fire status remains ‘Being Held’.

The most recent update from Chief Amanda Sainnawap shares that as the fire is no longer an imminent threat, they are still being cautious until the status changes to ‘Under Control’.

Bell Canada report that telephone and Internet communications have been restored.