4 Tips for Maintaining Hair Color

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4 Tips for Maintaining Hair Color
4 Tips for Maintaining Hair Color

LIVING – So, you have decided to have your hair colored! Well, you should know that changing your hair color to brunette, blonde, blue or whatever shade you desire needs a little more care and attention to maintain its glory. Knowing that you spent a significant amount to color your tresses, you wouldn’t want it to go down the drain that easily. You would probably look for ways to make the color last longer. You can visit this page if you are searching for products you can use to enhance and protect the color of your hair.  For more hair care tips for maintaining its color, read on below.

  1.  Do not wash your hair too soon.

The first few days after coloring your hair are the most critical and will decide how long your hair color will last. It is recommended to wait for at least 2 to 3 days before you shampoo after coloring your hair. This will allow the color to set in rather than being washed down the drain. The longer the time you allow the color to soak in, the longer it will last and retain its color.

  1.   Lower water temperature while you shampoo.

Warm baths and showers may be relaxing for you but will not be good for your colored hair. You may use slightly warm water to shampoo for it to penetrate and cleanse your scalp, but the water for rinsing should be cold to seal the hair’s cuticle to minimize fading of your hair color.

  1.   Choose sulfate-free hair products.

You must also know that color-treated hair is more sensitive than normal hair so you must choose your hair care products well. Look for products which can help maintain color intensity as well as keep the hair hydrated. Coloring the hair makes it vulnerable to drying. Use sulfate-free products, which is especially useful to colored hair. Sulfates in shampoos or conditioners are harsh cleaning agents which can cause your delicate colored hair to turn dry and breakable. These potent ingredients can also cause hair color to fade rapidly. Some hair care products are labeled ‘for color-treated hair’ but still contain harsh chemicals and are not really good for your colored locks. Read the label properly to make sure the products you buy are sulfate-free.

  1.   Avoid washing your hair every day.

Frequent washing of the hair makes it dry and brittle because of the moisture and natural oils that are being washed away. Washing your hair frequently removes a little bit of the hair color each time you wash it causing it to fade quickly and look dull. So if you want to keep the vivid quality of your colored hair, wash your hair no more than 2 to 3 times per week. You may also opt to use dry shampoos during your off days to make your hair look fresh even without washing.

Coloring your hair gives you an edgy and fabulous feeling that you would want to keep your hair looking vibrant and fresh from the salon all the time. There are many hair care hacks you can follow to maintain the intensity of its color. Hopefully, the four simple tips above may help protect and preserve the color of your glorious mane.  

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