Three Jobs that Will Allow You to Work with Babies

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LIVING – Are you at the point in your life where you’re ready to make a big career change? Maybe it’s not about making a career change, rather it is about picking that first real career path that you want to follow. If so, then it’s time to start asking yourself some serious questions and be honest with your answers. What makes a job “perfect” for one person isn’t always going to be the same for someone else. For some people, it is about the money they will make, with others, it may come down to the location, and then for some it is about the job itself and what you will be doing.

If you’re the type that tends to base your job happiness and satisfaction level on what it is that you’re doing and how it makes you feel, then a job that allows you to give back and make a difference will probably be very appealing. Combine that with a love of babies, and the joy of working with them, and these three jobs could end up being the ideal career path for you to follow.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (NP)

As far as giving back and making a difference in the world, it’s hard to compete with what the healthcare field can offer. Not only can you look after babies from infancy all the way to two years of age, but you can be helping parents to cope and learn about various health issues. The neonatal nurse practitioner track is an excellent option for those looking to work with babies in the healthcare field. In this program, you’ll be learning about high-risk neonates, as well as how to help families.

The online program at Baylor University is a great example. The program will tackle such topics as patient management, diagnostic reasoning, critical thinking, program planning, neonatal nursing theory, assessment, systems management, and research utilization. You can learn more about the specifics of the program at You can even choose to complete a DNP project by heading abroad so you can take part in international research and mission with a graduate faculty.

As for salary, according to PayScale, the average national salary is $98,160 for a neonatal nurse practitioner (NP) here in the United States. Now, keep in mind just like with any nursing position that you can expect long hours and most likely it will be shift work. This could be mean working overnight and weekend shifts.

Early Childhood Education/Development

Now maybe you like more of the educational path when it comes to working with babies. If that’s the case, early childhood education/development can be a great option since you will work with children from birth all the way until about the third grade.

When you enroll in an early childhood education/development program, expect to learn both practice and theory when it comes to childcare and the instructional methods used. The goal will be to help babies and young children when it comes to their physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Other responsibilities will include making sure you provide a safe, inclusive, caring, clean, and stimulating environment for toddlers and babies; help to plan, prepare, and then implement a curriculum that advances specific development; identifying difficulties children may have with cognitive and behavioral functions; and monitoring and tracking a child’s progress.

As for where you can expect to work in this job, schools and daycare centers are the most common places for them to be found. Some companies and community centers may also have an early childhood educator on-hand.

Nanny/Au Pair

Then there is the career path of a nanny/au pair. With both parents often working full-time jobs nowadays, there is a real need for childcare. For many that are just heading back to work, the idea of putting their young baby in daycare isn’t exactly comforting or appealing. This is exactly why nannieshave become so popular.

As a nanny, you’ll be working with one child, or one family at a time and you will often have the option of being a live-in nanny if you choose. It will be your job to care for the child, make meals, and sometimes do light chores around the house depending on the agreement with the family. This job will often have you starting quite early in the morning and running all the way until dinnertime, or even later. In other words, the days tend to be long.

A Variety of Career Options

So, if you’re looking to find a job that allows you to work with babies, as you will see you’ve got plenty of paths to explore and consider.

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