6 Ways to Go Wild in a New Orleans Party Bus

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NEW ORLEANS – TRAVEL – Are you wondering how to make your party different from the usual? If you love throwing parties, you know how important it is for you to make sure your parties do not become predictable. If the guests can almost guess the food they will eat, the type of drinks they will find, and the music you will play, the number of people attending your parties will keep diminishing. Sometimes, a change of venue is not enough. What you need is a mobile venue. New Orleans Party Bus Company has what you need to bring life back to your parties.

Create a theme

Having a theme for your bus party will add some excitement to your event. It is important to consider your destination when choosing a theme. For example, if you are attending a basketball game, you may select a theme related to the purpose of the party.

Choose the bites carefully

If you are going to hold a wild bus party, food is a critical part of it, especially if your guests are going to be consuming alcoholic drinks. Choosing food that will require cutlery is not feasible. Your guests will be uncomfortable especially since the bus will be on the move as they eat. Choosing easy to eat food like pizza, meatballs, chicken wings and popcorn are excellent choices.

Consider your guests when buying drinks

Do you have guests who are not allowed to consume alcohol because of their age? What policies does the New Orleans Bus Company have when it comes to the drinks to be consumed? Coordinating the needs of your guests with the terms of hire is critical. This way, you and your guests can have a great time without worrying about the repercussions of making decisions that could put you in trouble with the law and bus company. If your guests have some of their favourite drinks, they will undoubtedly have a wild time at your bus party.

Be creative with the activities and games

Although food and drinks are essential at parties, the activities at the party make the party more memorable. It would be best to consider exciting games such as board games and karaoke. When selecting the games, consider the age of the attendees, and the things that will excite them. Some guests may be older, but they may enjoy a reminder of the games they participated in when younger.

Have enough space

The number of expected guests is important when choosing the bus to use for your party. You do not want to end up with a coach that is too big or too small. The guests need to interact to make this party wild. They also need to have enough space to move around. If the area is too small, it will be too stuffy and uncomfortable for your guests.

Choose a route that will add to the fun

The scenery and places you pass by may excite your guests immensely. If your guests would like a stop at various pubs along the way, you can have a list of the spots then plan your route with these venues in mind. This will give your guests the periodic breaks they need out of the bus.

Your bus party can be exciting and wild. Just think of ways to make it a memorable party. Do not be afraid to think out of the box and remember to have fun.

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