Weather Report: Whitesand and Armstrong – Embracing Sun and Shade!


Today’s Forecast: “Sunny Spots and Cloudy Patches!”

Hello Whitesand and Armstrong residents! Today’s sky is a canvas of both sun and clouds, and Mother Nature is not entirely decided on showers. There’s a 30% chance she might sprinkle some early in the day.

Are you ready for Trooper? August 15th in Whitesand!

Winds & UV:
A gentle northeasterly breeze at 20 km/h will accompany you by late morning, so let it guide your sails or refresh your spirit! And with a UV index reaching 6, make sure you have your sun protection gear on.

Tonight’s Forecast: “Starlit Dreams!”

As the curtain of daylight falls, the night is ready to charm with its clear skies, offering a celestial treat. Perfect for a cozy campfire or stargazing!

Temperature Tales:
It’s a little chilly, dipping to +4°C. So, whether you’re out or indoors, keep that snug blanket or light jacket close.

Tomorrow’s Glimpse: “Sunny Days Ahead!”

Sunday, 13th August: The sun and clouds play peek-a-boo again! But that’s the beauty of unpredictability, isn’t it? Embrace the mix and let it complement your day.

Temperature Tidbits:
With the thermometer marking a pleasant 22°C, it’s a day to soak up the sun, chase the shades, and make memories!

Sky Stories with Whitesand & Armstrong 
From breathtaking sunrises to whimsical cloud shapes, our sky has a story every day. Send in your sky snaps and tales to We’d love to feature them!

To the beautiful souls of Whitesand and Armstrong, let the weather inspire adventures, anecdotes, and amazing moments!

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