March 24, 2024: Armstrong, Gull Bay, and Highway 527 Major Winter Storm Warning

Winter Storm Watch

Residents of Armstrong, Gull Bay, and the areas surrounding Highway 527 are on high alert as a significant winter storm warning has been declared. The community is poised to face a long-duration snowfall event starting tonight and stretching through Wednesday morning.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

As of 7:00 PM EDT, Armstrong Airport reports mostly cloudy skies with a temperature of -4.3°C. The barometric pressure reads 102.4 kPa, underscoring the impending storm’s approach. Winds from the SSE at 11 km/h bring the wind chill down to -9, while visibility remains at a clear 16 km.

Tomorrow’s Forecast

Expected Conditions

The storm is expected to initiate mainly cloudy conditions tonight, with a 60 percent chance of flurries and an overnight low of -11°C. Wind chill values may drop to near -16, making the outdoor environment notably brisk.

Monday promises the onset of heavy snowfall and local blowing snow, particularly in the afternoon, with accumulations of 5 to 10 cm expected. Winds will shift to the northeast, increasing to 30 km/h and gusting to 50 km/h, while temperatures hover around -7°C. Wind chill values are anticipated to reach -19, and the UV index will remain low at 1.

The snow is set to intensify Monday night, with an additional 10 to 15 cm expected and similar windy conditions. This pattern of snowfall, accompanied by blowing snow, will persist into Tuesday, maintaining daytime highs around -7°C and nighttime lows around -11°C, with snow continuing into Wednesday.

Wardrobe Recommendations

In light of the forecast, individuals in the affected regions should wear layered, insulated clothing, including waterproof outerwear, to stay warm and dry. Gloves, hats, and scarves are also recommended to protect against severe wind chill.

Weather Trivia

A “Colorado low” is a type of low-pressure system known for causing significant weather changes, including heavy snowfall and storms, across North America. Originating near the Colorado Rockies, these systems can lead to extensive and severe weather patterns.

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