Charlie Angus – First Week Back in Parliament


OTTAWA – POLITICS – This was the first week back in Parliament and while I was working on issues for people in the north, the Liberal research bureau launched a baseless smear campaign against me in the media. The nature of the attack was so off base it kind of felt like an attempt to stone me to death with popcorn.

Nevertheless, I take insinuations about my integrity and my respect for the rules of the House of Commons very seriously. And I will not be thrown off or intimidated to back off pushing the government on the hard questions of the day.

So let me talk about the work I am doing that is certainly getting under the thin skin of the government.


I have been working with the leadership at Cat Lake to get the new Minister of Indigenous Services, Seamus O’Regan, to take the magnitude of this housing crisis seriously. The government continues to fail the people of Cat Lake.


There is a massive housing crisis across this country and it is magnified tenfold on northern reserves from the brutal crisis of mould contamination. Here is a link to the press conference I held with my colleagues.

We are pushing hard for a credible national housing strategy that responds to urban, rural and on reserve families.


In an attempt to divert attention from my work, the Liberal government launched an attack on my integrity by claiming that my website is abusing House of Commons resources because it includes some riding association information.

I want to be clear, I do not use House of Commons resources to support my website. My riding association pays the full cost for the website because I respect the House rules.

Nevertheless, this baseless attack was spread to media by the Liberal research bureau in the PM’s office. Here’s the thing, if the government wants to take me on, BRING IT ON. But don’t send a backbencher trying to peddle a baseless smear. People deserve better than this.

So now it’s clear the government will be very dirty in trying to take me down.

I am looking for you my friends to show your support. My January fundraising numbers are not where I need them to be. Would you donate to help ensure Team Charlie Angus is ready for the coming election? I thank you in advance and for your continued support – it means so much.

Charlie Angus MP

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Charlie Angus, MP is a Canadian writer, broadcaster, musician, and politician. Angus entered electoral politics in 2004 as the successful New Democratic Party candidate in the Ontario riding of Timmins—James Bay