3 Stages Of Perfect Assignment Research

They say that it is always better to be safe than sorry so do your homework, do your research, and make sure you know who you are hiring!

LONDON – LEARNING – Suppose you get an assignment; you can start it by typing the title in your favorite search engine. This is probably the wrong way of doing the research. The better ideas to get your assignment research sorted. So, you can research your assignment in 3 stages:

Stage 1:

The first step involves your efforts. You must make proper keywords out of your title. You have the title, and you are going to write it uniquely in your way to make it stand out. First, the most unimportant parts of the research are highlighted. You need to understand the Process Words. You will find plenty of books and sites that will explain this to you.

After looking for the process words, the next thing to consider is the Subject Words. You can search for these words in reference sites, subject specialist encyclopedias, and dictionaries. You can also use Wikipedia at this stage, but, you must not cite it in your work.

You know the keywords, but you must research them to be sure. You can identify the alternative keywords that you can use later in your research.

Stage 2:

Before identifying the sources, you must gather all that you already have read. You look through your reading list and notes from the lectures and seminars that he has attended. The textbooks also are of great help to you. You can search through the index and the table of contents to see if it covers the topic of your assignment.

These are may be available to you on amazon or google books. As you are not an expert on the topic, therefore, they serve a very good purpose of guiding you at this early stage. You can also search for other resources as the research terms that will help you. For books, you can also use the library catalog, google books, copac and Amazon.

For general article search, you can use the article catalog provided by the library, google scholar, and databases, such as J STOR ad Science Direct. This will give you plenty of resources for your Assignment help.

Stage 3:

At this stage, you refine and evaluate all the material that you have collected while passing through the first two steps. Also, at this stage, you must improve your research. There are many ways to do this.

  1. Truncation: This is the retrieval of all the words that you are going to use in your assignment.
  2. Wildcard: This replaces the individual letters having a question mark.
  3. Phrases: Retrieve a specific expression using quotations
  4. And, Or and Not: These words can increase or decrease your search results. Retrieve results with both words or retrieve results with either word. NOT excludes results that contain a specific word.

So, you do not have enough time to read everything. Therefore, you must understand only that is relevant to your assignment title and of the highest quality. You must consider the author and how updated the data is.

This is how you get excellent information for your assignment. The process is circular. You have to do it again and again unless your research is perfectly done.

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