Politics 2.0 – Week Two Progressive Conservatives Talk Thunder Bay Superior North

Politics 2.0
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THUNDER BAY – POLITICS – Progressive Conservative pundits John Henderson and Jack Mallon join us in Politics 2.0 this week to talk about the state of the Progressive Conservative Party.

What is ‘Politics 2.0’ and why should it matter? – Over the coming weeks, NetNewsLedger will be bringing in a new level of political discussion into Northwestern Ontario. Our basic premise is that the job of media is to inform you, our readers and viewers. We respect your ability to make informed decisions and trust that you are interested in making the best possible decisions when you choose who represents you. To that end, we want to move past the sound-bite and get to the real issues and have you hear from the pundits, and the candidates so that you can rise up above the usual and make your choices.

Over the coming weeks and months first with the Provincial Election, and then as Thunder Bay Votes in the November Civic Election, Politics 2.0 will allow you to really see the whole story.

Stay tuned, we have the Liberal and New Democrat pundits planned.