Forum Research Poll Has Liberals Headed to Major Defeat

Ontario Politics

TORONTO – POLITICS – According to Forum Research, if an election were held today, the PCs would secure (44%) of the vote. The NDP would secure a quarter (27%) and the Liberals would secure a quarter (23%). Few would support the Greens (5%) or another party (2%). The PCs would win 84 seats, while the NDP would serve as official opposition with 29. The Liberals would secure 11.

“Doug Ford’s leadership of the Progressive Conservatives has polarized Ontarians, with half saying they are less likely to vote for the party in the next election,” said Dr. Lorne Bozinoff, President of Forum Research. “However, four in ten would still vote for Ford’s Conservatives, more than enough to propel Ford into the Premier’s office, with a healthy majority.  Despite the positive numbers for the Conservatives under Ford, it seems that Ontarians are not so much accepting Doug Ford and his leadership, as they are rejecting the other alternatives.”

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