How To Make A Statement Piece Stand Out In Your Garden

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LONDON – For some of us, our gardens are a haven away from the stresses of everyday life and we take great pride in how they are kept. From ensuring that we take good care of our plants, to optimising the space we have with the best designs, there is so much we can do with our little patches of land and installing a statement piece is just one of them. From fire pits to memorial benches, the statements we make in our garden often mean something to us, so why wouldn’t we want them to stand out? Here, we’re exploring just a few ways that you can make a statement piece stand out in your garden, no matter its size.

Play With Colour

One of the most simple but easily most effective ways of making your statement piece stand out is to play with colour around your garden. A good place to start is by mixing up the terrain. If you have space, why not create blocks of different terrains? These don’t have to be set squares or harsh lines, but by having your statement piece in the centre of a statement block of colour, you can draw attention exactly where you want it to be. Try and avoid having too many areas with striking colour, or you risk taking attention away from your statement area.

Keep Things Simple

It’s true what they say: less is more. When it comes to making your statement piece stand out, try and keep the rest of you garden minimalistic. While we aren’t suggesting you bypass caring for any of the rest of your garden, avoiding additional statement pieces around the area will keep everything balanced, and can draw attention to the central piece. Keep things classy, simple and easy to care for, and you’ll not only have a place to relax, but you won’t need to spend hours caring for something if it doesn’t need to be cared for!

Take Advantage Of Planters

Planters can be a great way to not only create a statement but balance one out, too. Planters can come in all different shapes and sizes and give you the opportunity to try your hand at gardening at an elevated level, protecting them from being trampled on. High-back planters give you the opportunity to create divides between areas of your garden, which can be used for balance, or for bringing attention to one specific area. Surrounding your benches and seating with high-back planters gives you the perfect spot to relax and immerse yourself in nature, while also bringing attention to that gorgeous teak furniture you carefully picked out!

Create The Rest Of Your Garden Around It

One fool-proof way of making your statement piece stand out is to design the rest of your garden around it. Take your piece, decide where you want it to be situated, and then plot out from there. You can balance out plants and foliage, pick the right spot for other ornaments or furniture you might have, create pathways that lead up to the statement piece, or whatever you feel may help bring the much-deserved attention to your statement.

Keep Objects In Proportion

Finally, it’s important to keep everything in your garden proportionate. While you do want your statement piece to stand out, you equally want the rest of your garden to make an impact too. Plants, ornaments and other commodities that are too small in comparison to your statement piece may go unnoticed, while items that are much larger than your statement piece could become the statement in themselves, while your central piece goes ignored.

Hopefully, this has given you some insight into how to make your statement pieces stand out! Whether you’re looking to make the perfect spot for your memorial bench, or you’ve found the sculpture of your dreams that you want to make a show of, there are plenty of ways to draw attention to your piece – it’s just a matter of working out which is best!

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