Creative gardening can be fun

Tire Garden

Tire Garden

THUNDER BAY – Spring is late in arriving in Northwestern Ontario this year. That means in some cases, it is likely that fishing season might be running a little later than usual. That may have many people spending time at home, or out at camp cleaning up, or doing yard work. 

Getting creative outdoors can make your home, and the local environment a more friendly place. Around the city, it is likely some of the busiest places this weekend will be the local garden shops. As gardeners start getting the flower beds prepared, raking the lawn and cleaning up a winter’ worth of litter.

Creative gardening

Watering Pots
Watering Pots (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Across the city, businesses too are taking the time to clean up. So too is the City of Thunder Bay.

The Centennial Conservatory might be worth a visit, just to keep up on what is coming. Choosing the right plants, this year with our wacky weather might be more of a challenge. It is also important to remember that it is still a little early in the growing season.

Consult with experts at your locally owned garden and bedding plant supplier and you will likely get the right advice and make sure you are planting at the right time.

One neat way to make an area that looks unsightly far more attractive can be tire gardens. There are several groups in the city, along with several businesses looking to install these colourful little gardens across the city. 

Keeping Organized

In the warmer months, we find ourselves outside more often, enjoying nature while playing with the kids and maintaining our lawns. But this additional time spent outside means more home & garden tools and more opportunity for a mess.

Here are some simple tips to keep your outdoor spaces cleaner and more organized:

Storage Bench – Use a storage bench to keep your gardening gloves, tools and children’s outdoor toys. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, you can find the bench that fits your décor. Plus, they offer an extra seating area when you have company.

Bundle Cords – No one likes the unsightly appearance or hazard of cords. Before your gatherings, bundle together stereo and electronic chords that are exposed, as well as any cords that run across the lawn. Helpful products, such as Velcro One-Wrap ties, keep your items bound tight and out of sight.

Paver Pots – Use old pavers to create plant containers. Simply stack the pavers together making a square shape. The heavy weight of the pavers keeps the dirt and plant contained together.

Deck Space – Use the space under your deck for additional, out-of-sight storage. Tuck plastic lidded storage containers underneath for easy access to children’s sporting goods and toys.

Mesh Bags – Pool toys, rafts and inner tubes need a space to dry off. Use mesh bags so these summer toys properly are properly dried, preventing mildew or molding.

Proper Plant Care – Stock up on essentials for a healthy garden, including the tools to make plant seedlings thrive, such as Velcro Peel Away seed pots. These pots make it easy to remove the pots without disturbing the roots, making transitions from pot to flower bed flawless.

Repurpose Furniture – Turn old furniture pieces, such as old filing cabinets, into instant garage storage solutions. Take out the drawers of the cabinet and turn it on its side. Each empty drawer area provides a spot for large items like brooms, shovels and rakes.

Fence Storage – Turn old coffee or paint cans into storage bins for smaller gardening tools like hand shovels and pruning shears. For easy access while in the garden, cut holes and use rope to hang around a close-by fence post.

Tires – Stack old tires on top of each other for an outdoor toy container that kids can easily access. Paint the outside to match the color of your house or whatever color you fancy.

End of Season Storage – Keep your garage area tidy by organizing similar tools together. Use One-Wrap ties to keep gardening tools grouped together, or to keep hoses tightly coiled and out of the way. This product also comes in a variety of colors and sizes so that you can keep everything neat and organized.

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