Ontario Regional Chief – Strength and Tolerance in Challenging Times

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day (Wiindawtegowinini)
Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day (Wiindawtegowinini)

THUNDER BAY – Today in Thunder Bay, a case will be before the courts again. This case is about the loss of life – of Sherman Quisses.

Last month, there was much attention provided to the living conditions of the accused in this case – of which I am carefully choosing not to mention his name; out of respect and recognition of the family of the late; Sherman Quisses.

I met with the family last week – and in a very clear and impassioned manner – the family described to me what it felt like to watch attention paid to the accused — painful, frustrating and added sorrow to an already agonizing situation.

To have to wait for justice to be served for 4 years in this case is one thing that is most difficult; to add assault to injury; to have attention provided to the accused – and not to have balanced attention provided to their reality — burned intensely. For that; i conveyed my regret and apologized for not reaching out sooner.

What struck me about Chief Moonias, the local leadership and the Family of Sherman Quisses was their strength, tolerance in this most challenging time and undying the love for each other and for their late family member.

Tragedy often makes or breaks a people – in this case; the family is staying strong together and with the support of many.

Victims of Crimes often go unnoticed and often suffer in silence; in this case – today the family will meet today in Thunder Bay to convene a long drawn out process – but are not forgotten.

Please pray for the family today – I will be reaching out to them during the weeks and months ahead to ensure that they are not forgotten.

There is nothing good that comes of taking a life from this earth; there is however goodness that is expressed to quell the pain of loss and the agony victims feel when they have been violated — lets remember the family of the late Sherman Quisses today and keep all of them in our prayers and thoughts for balance in the pursuit of justice and healing.

Ontario Regional Chief Isadore Day

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