Neskantaga – A Weather Symphony with Sun and Clouds and Warm Temperatures

Neskantaga First Nation

Hello, Neskantaga! Our weather symphony today presents a beautiful mélange of sun and clouds, high summer temperatures, and a UV index hitting the high notes.

Daytime Sonata

Our daytime sonata begins with the sun and clouds performing a delightful duet, a mélange that will paint beautiful patterns in the sky.

Temperatures take the lead in our sonata, climbing to a summer high of 26°C. However, with a Humidex of 28°C, it might feel a bit more heated. Our UV index isn’t backing down either, reaching a high note of 7. Time to let those sun hats and sunglasses perform their solo!

Nighttime Nocturne

Our weather symphony continues into the night with a partly cloudy nocturne. As the night progresses, the clouds make their exit near midnight, revealing a clear, starlit sky.

The temperature brings a gentle, cool refrain to our nocturne, dipping to 12°C. A perfect serenade for a peaceful night under the stars.

Tomorrow’s Teaser

Wondering about the next movement in our weather symphony? Stay tuned until tomorrow. Until then, soak up the sun-cloud mélange and remember – every day is a unique weather symphony!

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