Mobile Phones Used 33% for Playing Games out of Overall Gaming Platforms

We live in a digital age. Are youth spending too much time in front of video games?
We live in a digital age. Are youth spending too much time in front of video games?
New iPhones will excite the Apple market
New iPhones will excite the Apple market and offer gaming at the newest speeds and fun phone

THUNDER BAY – TECH – It may not surprise many keen gamers to discover that recent studies have shown that mobile phones are used 33% for playing games out of overall gaming platforms. In fact, this shows that mobiles have taken over as the single most popular method of game playing with an even greater proportion of the population choosing this option than those who choose PCs or gaming consoles. So why are mobile phones so popular as gaming devices?

In the past, the majority of people who wanted to play games turned to their trusty PC as the best option. PCs had enough memory to accommodate the necessary downloadable software and would provide the most impressive gameplay experience thanks to the integrated graphics and sound cards that brought cutting edge technology into play.

A close second would be gaming consoles. Specifically designed for gamers to enjoy their favorite titles, devices such as the Xbox, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation have, for a number of years, been extremely popular with gamers of all ages who were looking for a fun and interactive gameplay experience.

However over the last decade, mobile gaming has slowly but steadily started to increase in popularity and, having observed this trend, software developers have taken advantage of this and started to work on creating outstanding gaming experiences that can be enjoyed on a mobile device.

Today, there are countless gaming options available to those who want to play games on their mobile phone. From quick and easy free gaming apps to casino sites like which can be accessed easily via a mobile web browser and which offer players the opportunity to win real money, there are a wealth of choices available to mobile gamers. Some well known titles are now even available for play on mobile phones, so it is easy to see why they are so popular.

We live in a digital age. Are youth spending too much time in front of video games?
We live in a digital age

Possibly the greatest factor in the popularity of mobile phone gaming is its accessibility. Virtually everyone carries a mobile phone with them wherever they go. These pocket sized devices can simply be pulled out of a pocket at any time and can instantly access the mobile internet network to play online games or can simply access any downloaded game in its library without the need to even be online. While a PC or gaming console is stuck in the home or office, and a laptop is still relatively bulky and inconvenient, a mobile phone is slimline, lightweight and above all, portable. Whether players are waiting in line at the bank, sitting on public transport getting from A to B, or just filling in time between appointments, a mobile phone is instantly there, in the hand, ready to play any game of the owner’s choosing. Many games can even be accessed instantly without any need for downloads to take up precious memory, and modern graphics and sound effects are just as impressive as those that can be found on any PC game. All of this explains why mobile gaming has recently become so popular, and there is every reason to think that this trend will only continue in the imminent future.

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