Limes Aren’t Just for Margaritas

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THUNDER BAY – LIVING – Well we all know a good g&t or a margarita will keep old age at bay but what else can lime do to help us stay in the fountain of youth for a bit longer? So why is lime a great extract to have in your bath products?

It’s refreshing, antibiotic, and anti-aging

The anti-aging benefits of lime are many.  Adding limes to your diet can reduce free radical circulation within your body, leading to reduced tissue damage and fewer signs of aging, which in turn can lead to a brighter, more youthful complexion.

Lime juice extract can help lighten he dark spots that come with age(and free radicals). It also helps control uric acid levels which can cause many problems  as with old age, more of it builds up in our systems.

This build up can create problems with our gums(which can lead to tooth decay and loss), UTIs, ulcers, and arthritis.

The in-between anti-aging and anti-acne benefits are its anti-bacterial benefits. Lime tightens pores, by contracting the small facial muscles: keeping skin tight, younger looking, and pores too.

Preventing the pores from collecting oil, dirt and bacteria which causes pimples.

Lime’s citric acid  is a great exfoliatant which can brighten skin, keep skin fresh and even reduce scars, bruises and rashes; leaving a beautiful glow.

The citric acid and vitamin C helps kill off bacteria which causes pimples, smell and puss that can come with acne (many women who go into menopause can get another bout of acne alike what teens can get.

Also there can be a build of solar comedones which is cause from sun exposure).

But really lime has been used as de-congestive for a long time due to its strong smell from its flavanoids and the tingling that the citric acid creates.

It helps you breathe which when you first smell lime or have it on your skin you feel like you get the “breath of fresh air off a never before seen by human kind, waterfall in the jungles of Brazil” (where limes are found).

Now its also refreshing: like a 7up commercial!

Scotia Kauppi
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