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Blackbox Cooking Challenge
Blackbox Cooking Challenge
Camp Quality
Camp Quality – Let’s get ready to RRRRRRRuuuummmmbbbbllleeee!

Amazing Activities at Camp Quality

By Braeden Fediuk

Braeden Fediuk
Braeden Fediuk

Hello everybody, I’m Braeden, I’m 15 and I’ll be talking about the amazing activities that took place on day five of camp.

I have been coming to camp for 13 years now and this year is by far one of the best years on my list. I often look back at where it all started and where I am now and say, “I have beat this horrible disease and have left it in the past” and Camp Quality has helped me do that. We started the day off the best way possible by sleeping in and taking a selfie. The wake up song this morning was one of the best songs ever from the Lion King, Hakuna Matata.

After we all found the strength to get out of bed, we went and had an amazing meal prepared by our awesome kitchen staff.

For breakfast we had some bacon, some sausages and some French toast.

For me this is my favourite breakfast to have at camp because it is just amazingly awesome. After breakfast, our Companions went and made awards for us (we get to see what awards we get tomorrow night) while we did the black box cooking competition.

Blackbox Cooking Challenge
Blackbox Cooking Challenge

My group had Kennedy, Claudia, Denver and myself. We made some little tarts and Claudia came up with a fantastic name for them, Lily Pads. We put an entire cup of sugar in our Lily Pads just for the kids! Our group waited with anticipation until after supper to see which group had made the best dessert.

After we had given our Lily Pads to the kitchen staff to bake we had a little free time.

Me and some others participated in a game of “Are you smarter than a fifth grader”. Being the person asking the questions, it was cool to see how much people know about completely random subjects. After we had finished our game we went on to having an amazing lunch.

For lunch, we made your own subs or made your own tortilla.

We had so many things to choose from it was hard to pick the types of meat I wanted on my sub. I know my Companion Dan loaded everything possible onto his tortilla.

Ronald McDonald found a clown lover in Camper Lyndon
Ronald McDonald found a clown lover in Camper Lyndon

After lunch, people from Highlights for Hope, a crew from McDonalds, Eric the Juggler and Fun-Tastic Castles came to camp. The people from Highlights for Hope come out every year to give us some awesome pink highlights.

For me personally, getting a Highlight for Hope is a good way to help support those with breast cancer. Ronald McDonald came and gave autographs and booklets to anyone who wanted to meet this superstar.

I don’t know about the other campers but I was very excited to meet him. He was so popular that he ran out of booklets and clipboards to give out to people.

After Ronald McDonald was done giving autographs to everyone, the staff from McDonald’s gave us a very generous donation.

Whoa! Fire Juggling. Impressive
Whoa! Fire Juggling. Impressive

After we took a group photo with the whole camp, we went back upstairs to see Eric the Juggler.

Eric put on an amazing show for us. Eric juggled with hacky sacks, knives and even a chainsaw! The coolest of all his tricks was when he lit the ends of a baton on fire and twirled it around with two sticks!

After Eric had concluded his trick show, we went down to the field by the lake to enjoy some Fun-Tastic Castles. They brought a jousting ring and a blow up castle called Wacky World. In my opinion, the jousting ring is by far the best activity yet at camp this year. Me and my Companion did a round of best of three, but sadly he beat me.

We also had the privilege to have a four-year old boy, Ryder, who may join us as a camper next year. Ryder and Vince, a long-time Companion, had a showdown on the jousting ring.

After the smoke had cleared, Ryder emerged victorious over Vince. Way to go Ryder!!

We then all proceeded to the cafeteria to have an awesome supper prepared for us by the McDonalds crew.

The theme for today’s supper was Little Italy.

McDonald’s prepared us a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs.

My selfie with Companion Dan
My selfie with Companion Dan

As we were eating, Dan the Man, my handsome Companion spontaneously began singing “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin. Soon the whole place was rocking and we then finished off the meal by having brownies and Persians.

After supper, Martin Wonderland Magic put on a show for us.

We were all dumbfounded by his tricks and could not figure out how he did them.

To finish the day off we all sat back and relaxed while we watched “Paddington Bear”. By the way, in case you thought I forgot about the black box competition… I did.

The winners sadly were another group, but we still think ours were the best!

This is the fourth year that has hosted the Camp Quality Northwest blog. We are pleased to support the work of Camp Quality, and the ongoing battle to beat cancer. On a personal note, cancer has taken both of my grandparents, it tried to take my mom. There are few people in Northwestern Ontario who are not impacted by cancer. When cancer takes on children, it is time for us all to rally to help them.

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