Mayor Hobbs Responds to Ken Boshcoff on Crime

Mayor Hobbs
Mayor Hobbs.
Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs at his desk in City Hall
Thunder Bay Mayor Keith Hobbs at his desk in City Hall

Mayor Hobbs – ‘What have you done Mr. Boshcoff?’

THUNDER BAY – CIVIC POLITICS – First off I would refer you to an interview that Mr. Boshcoff did with Netnewsledger on July 24th, of this year in which he said Thunder Bay is a safe city. He also said there are more pressing issues.

Second I would ask Mr. Boshcoff what he has done to reduce crime in the last four years that he has sat on Council. We have seen no public statements from him, he has not participated in the Crime Prevention Council initiatives at all and two months before the election all of a sudden he’s promising action. Why promise action a week after elected? Where have you been for the last 4 years? Why haven’t you supported your Mayor when he called on the Chief of Police to implement Zone Policing, switch to 12 hour shifts or put more boots on the ground in trouble areas. Why have you only stepped forward now?

I think it is disgusting that Mr. Boshcoff would capitalize on homicides to further his political goals.

It is opportunism at its best but people are getting used to his tactics. Look how he threw the CLE Board under the bus for political gain.

I have never said I would end crime as he suggests. When I ran for Mayor in 2010 I said I was committed to safe community.

Through the Crime Prevention Council we have made neighborhoods safer. Last year we reduced crime by 17% and this year 7% albeit it is a horrific year for homicides.

I have called on NAN Leadership to step to the plate and recently met with the Grand Chief and his Deputy Grand Chiefs and got a commitment from them to assist City Council and police on crime issues and make the city safer.

When I heard about the latest homicide I was in a meeting with Shelter House, NSEMS, St. Joseph Care Group, TBRHSC, TBPolice and other stakeholders at the highest level talking about a plan to present to the Provincial Government to tackle alcohol/drug use and homelessness.

We all know that these are the root causes of a lot of the crime we are seeing.

At the Association of Municipalities of Ontario a month ago the City of Thunder Bay presented briefs to Ministers outlining the issues in Thunder Bay and asked for help. We received positive assurance that we will get it and I have no reason to doubt the Ministers we spoke to. We as a Council have supported the Alcohol Management Program, the SOS program, building neighborhoods programs and engaging with youth to name a few.

In 1997 the Thunder Bay Police Association presented a brief to the Police Services Board about the high alcohol/drug use in Thunder Bay. Jim Mauro was the presenter. Ken Boshcoff was the Mayor and member of the PSB. In 2003, the Police Association reported nothing had changed. Ken Boshcoff was still the Mayor. Need I say anymore?

Mayor Keith Hobbs

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Keith Hobbs, Mayor of the City of Thunder Bay, was born in London, England, and moved to Thunder Bay in 1964. He graduated from Hillcrest High School and after college worked in the grain industry, Great Lakes Paper (now Bowater) and other industries. Mayor Hobbs joined the Thunder Bay Police in 1976 and was promoted through the ranks and attained the rank of Staff Sergeant. He was a recipient of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal, the 20 & 30 year Good Conduct Medals and numerous commendations for service above and beyond the call of duty.