How the Personal Touch Has Evolved in the Modern Business Environment

The Summer Company Students had a coaching session with Business Solutions Group to help design their booths.
The Summer Company Students had a coaching session with Business Solutions Group to help design their booths.

Business News from NetNewsLedgerTHUNDER BAY – BUSINESS – Getting more sales and making more contacts is the name of the game for businesspeople all over the world. While they all go about it in different ways, there are some tactics and techniques that never fail anywhere.

Among these we can find the concept of adding a personal touch to the sales process. It sounds simple but it can be highly effective when used in the right way. So how can this help generate more sales in a modern business environment? Some of the best tactics are still the timeless ones, while modern working practices also cause us to look for newer approaches as well.

Remember Each Client’s Details

One of the first things that many new business people learn is the importance of remembering each client’s details. Clearly, you don’t want to confuse two completely different people and start talking about certain issues or products with the wrong person. Having said that, this issue is deeper than that of simply remembering the most important business issues for each person. Instead, the best method many people find is to remember a few personal details for each person they deal with. This means that it is possible to break at the ice at each new meeting by asking how their children are or whether they have picked up that new car or whatever else it is that they have mentioned in the past. Of course, the important thing when using this technique for adding a personal touch is to get the balance just right. One thing you don’t want to do is appear to be like some sort of creepy stalker who knows all about your client’s personal life. Instead, it is simply a question of remembering one or two fairly inconsequential points and dropping them into the conversation now and then. It is a good tactic if you need to find an ice breaker to get the conversation into more personal territory for a while before looking to get some business done.

Don’t Let Distance Get in the Way

One of the most interesting aspects of modern business life is that many of us now often deal with clients from the opposite side of the world. This is a hugely exciting way of doing business that adds a touch of added interest to working days. However, trying to close deals over a long business can be hard work. Along with the logistical problems of speaking to someone who lives far away, at first it might seem pretty much impossible to add some sort of personal touch to the matter. Well, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think. As well as using the likes of email messages and phone calls to get the basic information across, you might also want to use a professional video conferencing solution in order to build a closer relationship with the person you are dealing with. This is easier to set up and operate than you might think, so it is definitely a step worth adding to the sales process. Perhaps the best way to sum this is to say that being far away from your business contacts should no longer mean feeling as though there is no way of establishing a strong relationship.

Tailor Your Service to the Client

At the end of the day, there is nothing that tells someone they are getting a personalized service more than seeing that something has been tailored to suit them perfectly. This can mean different things according to the business and the customer concerned, so the secret lies in finding the ideal solution in each case. Sometimes this might not mean making any great changes from the standard business process but it in other cases it could mean some fairly drastic changes. No matter what is needed to get this matter right, it pays to spend some time thinking about how you could add a little bit of a personal touch to the deal in this way. We all love to see that someone we are dealing with has gone to the effort to think of us and try to keep us happy. No matter where in the world your client is from they are sure to appreciate this too.

Jason Cromwell
for NetNewsLedger

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