Banned on TV: 10 Ads You Won’t See

Enjoy 10 amusing ads that were banned for TV because audiences weren’t quite ready for them yet.
Enjoy 10 amusing ads that were banned for TV because audiences weren’t quite ready for them yet.
Enjoy 10 amusing ads that were banned for TV because audiences weren’t quite ready for them yet.
Enjoy 10 amusing ads that were banned for TV because audiences weren’t quite ready for them yet.

TV Ads are Always Better when they’re Banned

NEW YORK – Entertainment News – TV commercials may be many things, but none of them are banned – at least not the ones that we see on our screens every day and night. But there is something wonderfully entertaining, perhaps even wickedly enticing about crude, risqué or zany TV commercials. Some of the content is simply off the charts, but others deserve a little more exposure, and that’s precisely what this article will do. Without further ado, let’s delve into a world where convention gets turned on its head. Caution, you’re going to see all manner of rollicking TV ads enjoy their hour upon the stage. To get things started, Volkswagen (VW) created a rather ‘ballsy’ commercial in #1.

    1. An English lass is having an awful run of luck; nothing seems to be going her way. Her favourite store is closed, there’s no toilet paper on the roll, the cookie jar is out of reach, her ice cream falls onto the pavement and she messes paint all over artwork. But all is not lost because there is a colourful ending when her mum pulls into the petrol station and the attendant has a rather ‘Bollocks’ moment too!
    2. World-famous online casino operator – 888casino – got tangled in the web spun by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of the United Kingdom.  The UK advertising regulator was insistent that commercials using Marvel-themed characters such as Spiderman , that you used to be able to find in 888 slots games, should not be used to promote gambling for fear that children may be encouraged to gamble. In 888’s defence, only 18+ aged players are able to play for real money at this responsible gaming operator, licensed in Gibraltar.

  1. There is something wildly appealing about Corvettes: they’re sexy, fast and potentially dangerous. But that’s why we love these candy red beasts of the road. However the advertising authority in the USA didn’t green light this commercial because apparently kids doing absurd things – like driving C6 Corvettes through the sky is not promoting socially responsible conduct. We beg to differ: this banned TV ad is plenty of fun and it’s probably good to start dreaming from an early age!
  2. The French certainly do things a little differently and this particular commercial is not for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for something decidedly different and mildly amusing you may be interested in the following commercial. Without revealing too much, the commercial tracks a father and his son as they are doing their grocery shopping. Naturally, his son wants tasty treats and the father doesn’t want to buy them for him. A tantrum ensues and the punch line of this commercial hits you like a 10 ton truck!
  3. There are some commercials that definitely need to banned, regardless of how well intentioned the message is. Colombia is well known for its beautiful landscape, warm people and yes – its cocaine. An ad was released several years ago that never managed to get top billing on the TV networks. Apparently the sight of a commuter snorting coke – or dandruff – from someone’s jacket is cutting it too close to the bone. At least the message was poignant: Cocaine is addictive. Very addictive.
  4. The 1970 Dodge 500 was a dream car. To get that message to the masses, Dodge created a TV advert that fused sex appeal and the wrong social message to promote the car. The commercial may well have been banned in the 1970s, but by today’s standards it is hardly offensive in the slightest. In fact, the Dodge commercial is a fun-filled escapade into the notion that sexy cells – and this commercial really works well with audiences. Definitely two thumbs up for the 1970 Dodge Charger 500!
  5. In the hopes of maintaining the political correctness of our times, the USA advertising authority banned a TV commercial for Bruster’s Real Ice Cream. Imagine spending a day at the beach – having fun in the sun – and you get a rather unwelcome surprise when you’re ogling the beautiful babes sunbathing. If you’re looking for something hilarious, then this banned TV commercial is an absolute must-see attraction.
  6. With Halloween coming up, there’s nothing like a creature feature to get your blood running cold. It’s unlikely that the Hyundai Veloster TV ad will ever be screened, because it seems to defeat the purpose of safe driving. But if you’ve got a penchant for all things horror, then the Grim Reaper will keep you riveted to your seat in this quick-flick commercial. Don’t stress too much; it has a happy ending!
  7. Centraal Beheer, an insurance company in the Netherlands, ran an uncharacteristic Adam & Eve style commercial. Eve is introduced to us as a gorgeous woman exploring the Garden of Eden. Low and behold there comes Adam – but he’s none too impressed with Eve’s beauty. What could possibly be the problem in this scenario? Don’t worry there’s an insurance company to compensate for the ‘shortcomings’ in this camp video.
  8. Ameriquest Mortgage Company ran a dark commercial about a patient being attended to by two doctors. With an annoying fly buzzing around, one of the doctors gets the defibrillator out to shock the pesky bug. Low and behold, in walks the mom and daughter to a rather uncomfortable scene. It’s dry and dark, but it’s definitely a crude effort that elicits the right response.

And there you have it – 10 of the best banned TV commercials. Some of these adverts deserve a crack at prime time, but until the advertising authorities decide otherwise these little beauties will enjoy top-billing on YouTube, blogs and other top-notch sites on the net. Ironically, the banning of a commercial is actually a green light for it going viral on the Internet – which sort of leads you to wonder… what was the point again?

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