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Sioux Lookout

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Sioux Lookout Seeks to Share Information Better

SIOUX LOOKOUT –  The Municipality of Sioux Lookout is changing how it shares information on City Council meetings. The goal is  to actively disseminate information to the public about its programs, services and initiatives. Sioux Lookout is taking a new approach to providing information on Council meetings.

Beginning with the July 2013 Council Meeting, the Municipality is now publishing “Council Briefs” – a co ndensed summary of the items discussed at that month’s Council Meeting. Council Briefs will not replace the Council Minutes as the official records of Meetings proceedings, but will se rve as a condensed version which is easy to read and understand. 

Implementing Council Briefs

“We are implementing Council Briefs as another vehicle for the public to learn about the decisions of Council, in an easy-to-read, brief format,” exp lained Ann Mitchell,  Chief Administrative Officer. “We understand that reading Council meeting Minutes can be a daunting and time consuming process, especially for those unfamiliar w ith the intricacies of our Procedure By-law or with parliamentary procedure, in general,so we are pleased to offer an alternative format that is written in plain language,” Mitchell added. 

“The Municipality of Sioux Lookout va lues the principles and practices associated with accountability a nd transparency, and the publication of Council Briefs is yet another example of our commitment to these pillars of democracy,” commented Ma ry L. MacKenzie, Municipal Clerk. 

The Council Briefs will be available on the Municipality’s website, and will be published within two weeks of each regular Council meeting.

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