Leek, Davis, & Wall REA Memorial Champions

#25 Kendal Gamsby celebrates his second win of the year in the Emo Street Stocks.
#25 Kendal Gamsby celebrates his second win of the year in the Emo Street Stocks.

AMAZING Racing at Emo Speedway

EMO – Motor Sports – A beautiful two days of weather during the Rainy River Valley Agricultural Society’s Annual Fall Fair led to some great double header action at the Emo Speedway as they hosted the Annual Rea Memorial Weekend, a two day points affair in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, WISSOTA Modifieds, and Emo Street Stocks.

All three classes had large fields with the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds maxing out their fields both nights at twenty one cars. The only winner for both feature events was in the Street Stocks with Winkler, Manitoba native Cody Wall taking checkered each night. The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds saw Brady Caul come from the ninth position on Friday to take a last lap pass over Rookie James Wall for the win. Wall and Leek finished second and third. On Saturday, Jamie Davis took the early lead and while he continued to look behind him during cautions to see who was behind him, Leek was unable to get around. Caul finished third. In the WISSOTA Modifieds, Gavin Paull started third and gained a substantial lead over Darian Boyce who finished second. Justin Jones of Bemidji, MN was the hard charger having come from the tenth position to finish third. On Saturday, Jamie Davis worked his way through seven cars after starting eighth and passed Steve Nordin with eight laps to go to claim the victory. Nordin finished second while Danny Staff claimed third.

The presentations for the Rea Memorial Champions took place soon after. Leek narrowly beat Caul for the points total at 109, with Caul receiving 108 points in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. In the Street Stocks, the two feature wins gave Cody Wall 110 points to Ron Westover’s 108 points. The closest race was in the WISSOTA Modifieds as Jamie Davis overcame the deficit from Friday to take the championship of Gavin Paull by one point (106) to Paull’s 105, and Danny Staff’s 104. It capped off and exciting and very entertaining weekend in all the classes.

A big thank you to the thousands of people who attended the two days of the Emo Fall Fair and thank you to the organizers to two days of great racing action. Racing resumes this coming weekend for the Keith McNally Memorial and Season Championship with Hot Laps at 7pm and Racing at 7:30pm!

Friday August 16th Results

WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature – Gavin Paull, Darian Boyce, Justin Jones, Jamie Davis, Danny Staff, Ward Imrie, Brian Nelson, Aaron Holton, Greg Ferris, Gary Wilson, Dwayne Pelepetz, Ian Rousseau, Tyler Brown, Denny Trimble, Steve Nordin, Glen Strachan, Lindsay Bourre, Ron Korpi

Heat 1 – Imrie, Boyce, Nelson, Jones, Nordin, Brown

Heat 2 – Ferris, Davis, Trimble, Pelepetz, Korpi, Wilson

Heat 3 – Paull, Staff, Rousseau, Holton, Strachan, Bourre

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature – Brady Caul, James Wall, Christopher Leek, Matt DePiero, Jeff Davis, Chuck Lambert, John Hettinga, Cody Ossachuk, Anthony Visser, Paul Veert, Jake Rea, Jamie Smart, Terry Martin, Scott Bruce, Bill Reimer, Ken Perry, Brody Strachan, Jamie Davis, Dwayne Pihulak, Brendan Veert, Kenny Perry

Heat 1 – Jamie Davis, DePiero, Hettinga, Ken Perry, Visser, B. Veert, P. Veert

Heat 2 – Leek, Wall, Davis, Kenny Perry, Strachan, Martin, Bruce

Heat 3 – Caul, Ossachuk, Lambert, Smart, Pihulak, Rea, Reimer

Street Stocks

Feature – Cody Wall, Ron Westover, Darryl Deserre, Tylar Wilson, Don Mitchell, Wes Morriseau, Chris Shine, Libby Wilson, Andy Trimble, Devin Brown, Terry Henry, Dean Kellar, Rick Bourre

Heat 1 – Westover, Brown, Morriseau, Trimble, L. Wilson, Henry

Heat 2 – Wall, Desserre, T. Wilson, Bourre, Mitchell, Shine

Saturday August 17th Results


WISSOTA Modifieds

Feature – Jamie Davis, Steve Nordin, Danny Staff, Justin Jones, Gavin Paull, Brian Nelson, Denny Trimble, Ian Rousseau, Tyler Brown, Glen Strachan, Dwayne Pelepetz, Gary Wilson, Lindsay Bourre, Ron Korpi, Garett Gamsby

Heat 1 – Staff, Jones, Davis, Paull, Nelson, Trimble, Pelepetz, Wilson

Heat 2 – Nordin, Rousseau, Korpi, Strachan, Brown, Gamsby, Bourre

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Feature – Jamie Davis, Christopher Leek, Brady Caul, Matt DePiero, Kenny Perry, Chuck Lambert, James Wall, Cody Ossachuk, John Hettinga, Dwayne Pihulak, Ken Perry, Bill Reimer, Brody Strachan, Scott Bruce, Glenn Godin, Jamie Smart, Jake Rea, Brendan Veert, Anthony Visser, Jeff Davis, Paul Veert

Heat 1 – Leek, Hettinga, P. Veert, Caul, Visser, Reimer Pihulak

Heat 2 – Kenny Perry, Jeff Davis, Lambert, Rea, Strachan, Ken Perry, Bruce

Heat 3 – Jamie Davis, DePiero, Ossachuk, Wall, Smart, Godin, B. Veert

Street Stocks

Feature – Cody Wall, Ron Westover, Darryl Desserre, Tylar Wilson, Rick Bourre, Libby Wilson, Chris Shine, Dean Kellar, Don Mitchell, Wes Morriseau, Terry Henry, Andy Trimble, Devin Brown

Heat 1 – Bourre, Kellar, Trimble, Mitchell, L. Wilson, Henry

Heat 2 – Westover, Desserre, Wall, Shine, Morriseau, Brown, T. Wilson


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