Cuba Scams U.S-Canada In Real Estate Fraud

Havana Cuba
Havana Cuba Internet Real Estate Scam

Cuba Minister Used in Internet Real Estate Fraud   

Havana, Cuba –  Cuban, American and Canadian authorities were warning victims of a new Internet Real Estate scam that is being targeted to Canadian & U.S. Real Estate agents using the fake yahoo email of  a Mr. Jose Luis Rodriguez Garcia who was the former Vice Minister of Cuba. Mr. Jose is looking to buy an investment property worth $1 to $2 Million dollars and needs your help to find the right property.

The Cuban government has confirmed that the Former Minister of the Cuban Economy has not been involved in any real estate fraud since he left office in 2009. The current international scam artist  are using him as a dummy in order to pose as legitimate real estate investors looking to invest millions in the United States & Canada as part of a fake real estate investment fraud.

Once the user replies to the email the fraudster begins his pitch and tells a long winded story of glory days gone by when he had millions of dollars in his hand,s as one of the richest men in Cuba.

The fraudster continues his lies about how much money he has ties up in Cuban, and offshore banks and only needs a small amount of you lending him some money just to cover his expenses.

Once he gets your money he promises he will give  you a huge piece of the action, which will give you at least $20,000 to $50,000 in cash immediately after the real estate transaction goes through and the Cuban banks release his funds.

Needless to say that both he and your money are long gone without a trace as soon as you hit your bank transfer funds button on your cell phone.

Many scams like this have been appearing all over the Internet in recent years but this is the first time that the fraudsters who authorities believe are based in Nigeria, have used the credibility of a former Cuban Minister.

Havana Cuba  Malecon at dusk
Havana Cuba uncovers internet based real estate scam  of a Cuban ministry and Offshore banking system for real estate fraud.

Authorities have issued warnings that if you or anyone you know has received similar emails please ignore them and immediately report them to your local authorities, or the FBI & CIA.   

Copy of the Cuban Real Estate Scam Letter          

 July 9, 2013

Havana Cuba

Greetings, Real Estate Agent

My name is Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Garcia,the former Minister of Economy and planing in CUBA.

It is my personal intention to relocate my family to your country,We need a home with about 4rooms, 1 good sitting room, good toilets and bathroom, it should also have good environment and the price range should be between $1Million to $2Million home, if possible we will prefer the home to be located in a very secured area considering our safety,please can you forward to us home listings that you have so that we can go through them before making a choice.

Can you also please brief me a little about the best investments in your country, it is my desire to also invest in other areas once we relocate to you country.

Thank you and  looking forward to receiving the home pictures so that we can go through them before making a choice.


Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Garcia
Havana Cuba 

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